We all talk about cosying up our living rooms and bedrooms for the colder months but what about the bathroom? It’s the first room we usually head to after getting out of our warm beds in the morning, but it can feel so cold and unwelcoming. I know I delay getting out of bed mostly because I can’t face the cold!

Luckily our bathrooms can be cosy, and we can do this pretty easily while adding lots of stylish touches too. Whether it’s a few extra textures or heating the room up in advance, there are simple and quick things that we can do that make a big difference.

I’ve shared lots of ideas below on how to make your bathroom feel warm and cosy and even if you pick one or two, it will make a difference. Not only will your bathroom look and feel a lot cosier, it will also look more stylish too.

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how to make your bathroom cosy

add a rug

A rug will add instant warmth to your bathroom especially if you have cold tiles like most of us do. I don’t know why more of us don’t have rugs in this room! If a rug isn’t for you or it won’t fit, go for an oversized fluffy bathmat. Apart from bringing warmth, your bathroom will look more interesting too.

add a fabric shower curtain

If you use a shower curtain avoid the plastic ones and go for a cloth version with a waterproof lining. I personally love linen shower curtains as the natural, relaxed feel of linen adds so much to a room. And even if it gets wet, it doesn’t matter as linen dries very quickly. You get a lovely soft textured look and feel with linen which you of course won’t get with plastic.

add some heat

Nothing beats stepping in to a warm and toasty bathroom in the morning. Underfloor heating is great if you have it but if not just time your central heating to come on about 20-30 minutes before you get up. This will not only make your bathroom warm, but your towels will warm up too. This may sound obvious, but I used to switch on the heat after getting up but doing it this way has made such a difference. Now, when I step into my bathroom it cocoons me in warmth.

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add textured towels

Towels come in many different textures, so this is an easy way to add more cosiness and warmth to your bathroom. Nothing says inviting like a pile of fluffy fresh towels and if they’re heated, even better! One of my favourites are waffle towels because they look stunning, they tend to dry quicker and don’t smell. Another fabric I love for towels is linen. So pick something you like and keep these towels on display for instant warmth and texture.

add plants

Not only do plants look great in a bathroom, they’ll also make your room feel cosier. You don’t have to go crazy with plants but just one or two plants will go a long way (here’s a list of  bathroom friendly plants) If space is tight, you could opt for a vase with a few foraged stems or try some preserved greenery stems that last for years.

add wood

Wood adds warmth to any room and the bathroom is no exception. It doesn’t have to be big wooden furniture but something like a small wooden stool (I particularly like vintage ones with aged wood) goes a long way. Alternatively adding things like a wooden towel ladder or some wooden hooks or wooden storage boxes can work well too. It’s about adding touches of wood wherever possible because with wood comes warmth.

add some seagrass or rattan

Rattan and seagrass are both great materials for adding warmth to a space. You could opt for some storage baskets which are also handy for keeping things like extra towels and toilet paper or even to place a plant in. Alternatively, you could go for a rattan/seagrass laundry basket or a light shade.

If your bathroom feels cold and lacklustre, try one or two of these ideas to make your bathroom feel cosier and more welcoming especially during those cold winter months.

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