Having a small living room is indeed a challenge for homeowners. The reason is, you should be able to take advantage of every inch of the room so that the living room feels more spacious and comfortable. However, all problems must have a solution, including having to think creatively to get around and organize it properly. Even though the living room has a limited size, with good arrangement and selection of functional furniture you can still determine the living room design of your dreams.

There are many ideas to make the living room look more attractive, especially if you already have the theme and style of the room you want. No matter how narrow the living room you have, this room must be the most comfortable place where you can entertain guests whether family, friends or those closest to you.

Today I want to share tips on how to make a small living room look bigger. You can try it at home, starting from choosing furniture to determining the living room design to suit the size of the space you have. Let’s check!

1. Take advantage of every available space


Is your living room really narrow? From now on try to make every room can be utilized optimally. Including the area under the stairs which is often neglected, building a living room as well as a TV unit in this area is a great idea. Alternatively, the area under the stairs can also be used as a practical storage area by adding drawers and shelves.


2. Choose an aesthetic TV table


Even though your living room is small, when arranging the living room you shouldn’t sacrifice the beauty of the room. The solution is, you can use a TV table as well as a drawer with an aesthetic design. The sleek TV table design will blend in with any room theme, such as boho, modern, minimalist, to rustic.


3. Vertical space concept


The solution in arranging a narrow living room is to apply a vertical concept to save more space while giving a broad impression. From choosing geometric wall paint to placing a display shelf on the wall, you can also combine it with bright colors to make it look more attractive. Another idea, try making a vertical unit using a TV, which of course will be more efficient as an entertainment medium.


4. Choose functional furniture


A small living room doesn’t mean you can’t get additional storage space. Try to arrange the living room by choosing furniture that is multifunctional, usually this type of furniture is also equipped with drawers and storage shelves. For example, there is a type of sofa that can be converted into a bed with lots of drawers, or a coffee table with a practical storage area.


5. Create a bright atmosphere in the room


Bright living rooms or those that apply an open concept are great for creating the impression of a spacious room. There are several ways to get it, namely using lights from several corners of the room or creating large windows. Natural sunlight and additional lighting from lamps will make a narrow room feel wider.


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