A small bathroom is not a barrier to having a place where you can pamper yourself after a long day of activities. Compared to other rooms in the house, the bathroom is usually not too large because its main function is just a place to shower and clean yourself. However, for most people this room has become a favorite area to relax while calming their minds.

The bathroom can be transformed into a shared space offering a spa feel and simple colors, where everything is orderly and well-organized. The combination of textiles and modern design creates a calming atmosphere that pampers all your senses and feelings. Apart from that, natural light will make your morning feel warmer and extra lighting adds comfort at night.

Here are some easy tips and ideas to make your small bathroom feel more spa-style. Get inspired!


Present soft nuances and colors

By choosing neutral colored textiles, white storage carts, and aesthetic clothing storage baskets, a clean and calm atmosphere will be created. The storage cart provides more storage and is easy to move, you can place various bathing necessities and accessories in this area. Woven baskets not only serve as storage, but also add interest to a minimalist bathroom spa.


A bathroom spa that pampers our senses

Making a bathroom spa a private rest space is not as difficult as you think. Add comfort with a natural palette and soft, adjustable lighting. Make it easy with DIY storage shelves from wooden stairs and give a natural touch with potted plants. The use of this plant will enhance a calm and refreshing look.


Practical storage area on the wall

Maintain a clean and comfortable spa look with practical wall storage to save space. This built-in shelf or wall shelf can be adjusted without the need for drilling, giving you a place to store various items and works of art beautifully and neatly.


Create a modern minimalist design style

Giving a modern touch to a small bathroom is proven to make the room feel more functional. To do this, choose simple furniture with storage, use shelves made of wood, and choose soft colors to create a calm and warm atmosphere. Add a personal touch with aromatherapy candles or your favorite scented soap, and place a pot of greenery inside.

Here are more spa bathroom ideas that will make a small space feel amazing!
















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