Japanese garden designs have indeed been widely applied to modern garden styles. From minimalist to urban dwellings, Japanese gardens are the choice of many people because of their unique, beautiful, and at the same time soothing designs when applied to any residential style. If all this time we know Japanese gardens are often applied both indoors and outdoors, then what if we want to bring it to the balcony? No matter how big your balcony is, you can apply a Japanese garden even in the smallest corner.

The concept of a minimalist balcony is the most suitable for a Japanese garden. Do you want to bring the impression of modern, traditional, rustic, or whatever style you want? Japanese garden concepts can easily blend into your balcony landscape. Japanese gardens are basically more emphasis on natural elements and a simple way of life. The Japanese balcony garden will give you a quiet place and relaxation area which you might find difficult to get if you live in an urban area.

Here we’ve rounded up some balcony garden inspiration with a lovely Japanese twist. See how to apply it to your room!


Balcony with minimalist landscape

A Japanese garden or also called a zen garden is a simple garden design consisting of sand, rocks, and other plants. Concepts like this are more focused on a natural and orderly way of life, so Japanese gardens are very suitable for modern to traditional garden styles. You don’t need a large balcony to create a Japanese garden, just use a minimalist landscape design with a Japanese blend.


Place bonsai plants and other types of plants

As we know, bonsai is a popular type of plant originating from Japan. Usually bonsai plants are small so they are easy to place even in the corner of a narrow space such as a balcony or other corners of the room. Adding bonsai to your minimalist balcony is the easiest way to bring a Japanese garden.


Refreshing water element

Apart from sand, rocks, and plants, you should not forget the water element as part of Japanese garden decoration. These water features usually consist of a traditional style fountain or fish pond. It can be made of bamboo or stacked stone. Bringing the element of water to your small balcony will certainly make the room feel fresher and calmer thanks to the sound of water gurgling.


Stone statues and Japanese decorations

Not only the arrangement of stones arranged vertically or horizontally. Decorative decorations such as stone statues, stone lanterns, or other arrangements are characteristic of this garden style. Besides being minimalist, the balcony with Japanese decorations has become a tradition for generations.

Here are more of our favorite Japanese balcony garden ideas for your reference!











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