Are you a fan of Wes Anderson movies, or just love the iconic interior style? Get ready to step into Wes Anderson’s world with this pastel-toned, symmetrical composition. and a vintage feel is the hallmark of this director’s film.

It is undeniable, every film by Wes Anderson is known to have beautiful visuals and is pleasing to the eye. This is inseparable from the interior set of the film which is designed so neatly and precisely. Starting from the use of shady pastel colors, symmetrical furniture arrangements, and unique choices of decoration items, this is the main attraction that appears in each of his works.

Well, the typical interior design of Wes Anderson’s films has since begun to be widely followed and applied to today’s home interiors. Curious about what elements you can apply to create a Wes Anderson-style interior design at home? Here are some of the easiest pictures and tips!


Vintage elements

Most of Wes Anderson’s films are set in the past, so the interiors in these films are dominated by furniture and decorative items typical of vintage designs. Various vintage elements that often appear in films are trunk-shaped suitcases and vinyl players. However, you can also combine it with modern furniture with a bit of a vintage touch, such as wood furniture, to create an aesthetic impression.


Eclectic lighting

The eclectic design really represents the first impression when we see the interior styles that exist in Wes Anderson films. This electric design appears because of the neat composition between colors and lighting. As in his film entitled The Grand Budapest Hotel, bright colored lighting was chosen to liven up the bright colors used in the room.


Pastel color composition

Pastel color accents are a signature color used in Wes Anderson film interior sets. This is inseparable from the generally feminine colors seen in some of her films, such as Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr Fox. Wes also likes to play with darker pastel colors. If you want to get a beautiful color composition from pastel colors, then decide which color combination you want to use.


Furniture as a focal point

Furniture plays an important role in the typical interior design of Wes Anderson films, place the main furniture in the middle of the room. As in the reading corner above, the sofa is placed in harmony with the window which is in the middle of two adjacent bookcases. The shape of the vintage sofa is also right to be placed in the middle of the room. Also add a chandelier above the sofa to emphasize that this furniture set is the focal point of the room.


Patterns and textures

Patterns and textures are the soul of interior design in Wes Anderson’s films. Every set of interiors in the film is always filled with unique patterns, starting from map scrolls and unusual artwork. Apart from decorative items, you can also use the storage area to be part of the room decoration.



The interior design in Wes Anderson’s films always looks full of bold, funny and adorable accents. These accents usually appear from the walls of the room covered with wallpaper.

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