The backyard pool may be a fun area for all family members, and not just humans because for us pet dogs are also part of the family. Dogs like to roam around pools just like other people, some of them even like to get into the water to swim or just play in the water. So, here we have some tips for creating the perfect pet-friendly pool.

Dogs are energetic animals, eager to explore, and always curious, which is why they discover every nook and cranny of the outdoors. As they take in all the sights, sounds, and smells, they’re sure to discover their favorite water feature in the outdoors. Some types of dogs may be wary of water but others feel the need to dive in and grab their limbs to swim. If you have your own decorative pond or outdoor fish pond, chances are it will be a place of fun and joy for your pup.

Today we want to bring more fun to the backyard pool, so we want our furry friends to enjoy it too. Here are some easy ways to make a dog-friendly swimming pool that you can try at home. Let’s see!


Pay attention to the dog’s safety

Dog-friendly pools should not be too deep or have a strong current. It must be completely safe for your dog because some dogs are not good at swimming. However, if you want to build a deep side pool, you should use a guardrail that your dog cannot pass through. Typically the fence should be at least four feet high, so that most dogs cannot get through it. Make sure your pet cannot escape or enter from under it.


Keep an eye on your dog

Even though dogs instinctively are pets who are good at swimming, make sure your dog is never around a pool without supervision. Part of this strategy is never to leave any dog toys in or around the pool. The reason is, not all dogs can swim well at first, especially puppies. So, you may need to do training to improve your dog’s swimming quickly.


Get a dog ladder

A dog ladder will ensure that your pup can leave the pool as he chooses. It could be anything, such as a stepping stone, a sloping area of ground, or anything that shows the dog that it was for him when you first got him.


Prevent before an accident occurs

There are many ways to keep your dog safe when they play in the pool. For example, giving your dog a life jacket will help you keep them cool whenever they are in the water. Additionally, you can teach your dog when to get in and out of the water like any other command at home. Don’t forget to learn canine CPR as this skill can be invaluable in an emergency.


Create an outdoor dog water fountain

There’s a reason why pools have mechanisms to keep the water flowing throughout the day. So, the same reasoning can be applied to a dog’s drinking water as well. Ditch the regular metal pan for a fountain your dog will love. Here they can drink and play in the water so it is very functional. Get inspired!




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