A small house is not a hindrance to expanding the room, especially if you live in a house with only one floor. Currently, many people get around limited land by building multilevel houses. Besides being practical, a house with more than one floor certainly provides many choices and functions of the room. However, what if you are on a limited budget or have no plans for home renovations? The solution, you can add a mezzanine floor in the room or as an additional floor. The mezzanine itself is a floor in the middle, between the ground floor and the roof, with an area that is usually only one third of the room area.

The word “Mezzanine” comes from the Italian “Mezo” which means middle part. So it can be concluded that the mezzanine floor refers to a separate area that is present at the top and remains connected to the main room below. The presence of this mezzanine floor is very popular, according to with an open and unified concept that is suitable for today’s lifestyle. For those of you who have a small room but want to feel more spacious, you can apply a mezzanine floor to the interior of your home. Here are some mezzanine floor design ideas to get inspired!


Advantages of mezzanine floors

Applying a mezzanine floor is a smart solution to maximize space and make it more functional. A mezzanine can also be an option to add space to a small residence, but has a high roof. Instead of building a level house, a mezzanine allows you to get additional space without spending a lot of money. This floor can be used for various functions and needs, such as a storage area, a bed, a work space, a lounge, to a children’s playroom. For those of you who live in an apartment or house with a minimalist size, mezzanine floors are very land-saving. If you need extra space or just special storage, then a mezzanine is the best choice right now.


Tips for building a house with a mezzanine

Before you decide to add a mezzanine, there are several things you must pay attention to so that it meets your expectations. First of all, know the size of the room you have because the mezzanine floor usually takes up one third of the outdoor space. So, try to build a mezzanine in a room that is large enough so as not to make the room even narrower. After knowing the area of the room, then determine the function of the mezzanine floor. Do you want to build a work space, studio, bedroom, or lounge? If your mezzanine floor is small, then you can only use it as a bookcase or storage area.

Knowing the height of the room is also important so as not to disturb the activities underneath. The minimum height of the mezzanine floor is 440 cm, because the mezzanine will take up approximately 210 cm including the ceiling. So that the room doesn’t feel dark, make sure to also add lighting that is adjusted to the mezzanine function. Finally, you need to choose the right material to build a mezzanine floor. There are four materials that can be used, including wood, concrete, steel, and iron. Good quality wood and sufficient thickness will allow the mezzanine floor to stand firmly, concrete is a material that is known for its durability, while iron and steel are materials that are easy to apply.

Here are more mezzanine floor ideas for you to try!













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