Investing in limited space is a smart choice for keeping your space organized and maybe keeping your mood positive. This is a limited sized bathroom with a laundry room in it.

The perfect combination as part of utilizing a small area in the house. Both function well, compact laundry room with storage ideas, plus the fresh green color of the plant collection in the bathroom as well as functional furniture that offers convenience.

Even in one small space, bathroom laundry combo makes doing the laundry a beautiful and enjoyable thing. Let’s see how to create your dream bathroom laundry and apply it to small spaces!

1. Bathroom and laundry room with multifunctional facilities

The key to bringing laundry and bathroom together is determining the function of the room. Choose a sink that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is equipped with a storage area. Add mirrors to create an airy impression, while walls and tiles in neutral tones can create a relaxing feeling. Don’t overdo it in placing various items, balance the overall visuals in your room in a relaxed but still functional way. Make sure all bathroom and laundry essentials are within reach.



2. Washing machine with storage area

It still feels spacious even though the laundry and compact bathroom are in a small space. Place the washing machine neatly under a cabinet that provides storage space for everyone in the family. Have enough space to sort your clothes and have a place to store or dry them. The washing machine is integrated with all the functions you need. That way, small spaces can still be well organized.



3. Take advantage of the wall area for extra storage

Whether it’s a hanging basket, brush or storage bag, attach a few wooden hooks to the wall to provide quick, practical and efficient laundry room storage. As well as adding to the storage area in this combo room, these wall hooks also give a fresh look with a modern flair.


4. Storage cart

Handy and easy to transport, the storage cart is a great solution that gives you additional storage in just a few minutes. Store all your bathing and washing needs in multi-level trolley racks, from towels, soap to your favorite plants, they all look very stylish.


5. Choose furniture and accessories that optimize the combo room

There are many choices of furniture and accessories that work well to create a quiet laundry area in the bathroom. Make sure everything is easy to store because it’s not too big to fold, and if you’re creative enough, some furniture and accessories can be attached with hooks for easy storage.


6. Green plants that refresh the room

Mixing greenery with the laundry room and bathroom makes a small space feel fresher. The calming feel with lots of houseplants makes this area feel relaxed and pleasant when you do heavy washing work.


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