How to light up your home at Christmas: 42 Great ideas with Christmas lights

Do you want your home to look like a fairytale at Christmas? Turn on the switch and discover the magic of lighting with beautiful candles, garlands, and lights.

The lights decorate so much, that by placing them in the right place they dress up the room and fill it with emotions. And Christmas, one of the most magical times of the year, is the perfect time to give our home a special and festive atmosphere with light. The Christmas decoration shines with its own light during the day, but at night, when the classic green and red and the brightest gold are no longer visible, we need to give it a special touch and the lights come into play.

Make an adorable DIY Christmas decoration with logs and lights that can decorate every corner of the house

Christmas lights (always choose an LED lights option), placed on the Christmas tree, will redraw its silhouette in the dark. Included in a garland resting on a mantelpiece or on a coffee or dining table, they will make fir boughs and daisies sparkle. Add them to the Christmas wreath hanging on your front door and the Christmas spirit will wake you up in the evening… If you choose garlands of lights that turn on and off, the effect will be even better.

But it’s not just artificial lighting. If you have a fireplace at home (what a pleasure to sit by the fire in winter and even more so if the fireplace is decorated in Christmas style) light a good fire and the room will immediately be filled with warmth. If you don’t have a fireplace, candles are a great alternative. Create combinations on a tray with candles of the same color and shape, but of different heights and sizes, for a very elegant source of warm light.

How to decorate magically with lights at home this Christmas‎

In the images below we have great ideas for you to light up your home this Christmas with style.









































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