how to keep kitchen counters clutter free

how to keep kitchen counters clutter free

Kitchens are hard working rooms. In my home, like in many homes, it’s the hardest working room of all. It’s also the room that me and my family spend the most time in. And that means it becomes the room that attracts all kinds of stuff, making the countertops a clutter magnet! I mean countertops are the easiest place to dump stuff on with the best intentions of tidying it away later. But later never comes and soon kitchen countertops can become so busy that they not only get in the way of cooking and cleaning but make your kitchen look like a cluttered mess!

It’s not only stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen that ends up on counters. It’s also kitchen appliances, bowls, dishes and other kitchen stuff that can be stored away or often even gotten rid of, but instead ends up on the counter. Even if your kitchen is clean, it never looks or feels clean because of all the stuff. There are different levels of clutter but even a little bit can take away from creating a space that feels calm and tidy. Once you clear your kitchen counters, you won’t look back because it’s hard not to fall in love with the spacious feel and minimal look thats totally clutter free.

how to make kitchen counters clutter free

How to keep kitchen counters clutter free

1. remove everything from your kitchen counters

You might be thinking ‘where will you put all the stuff that lives on the counters’. This is simply a starting point — you can bring stuff back if you need to as you’ll see from the tips below. But to start with, clear everything so you can really see the space you have. And ideally live with clear counters for a few days which will help you see exactly what needs to be there and what doesn’t.

2. declutter and organise

When was the last time you decluttered your kitchen cabinets and pantry? If not recently, then this step is key. You’ll be amazed at how much unnecessary stuff piles up! And of course we’re all guilty of keeping duplicates — I can promise you no one needs three cheese graters or even two veggie peelers. Declutter your pantry or larder cabinet too because you’ll likely find so much stuff thats way past its use by date. When I last did mine, I found spices that were 3 years past their best! Once you do this, not only will you be able to find stuff much more easily, but you’ll also free up storage space where you can store some of the stuff that used to live on your counters.

3. remove anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen

All kinds of things creep in to the kitchen and then end up staying there. In my home, I find medicines are often brought to the kitchen to take and then they end up being left there. There are many other things too that creep in because we spend so much time in the kitchen.

clutter free kitchen counters create extra storage in kitchen warm minimalist kitchen

4. find a place for everything

This is the secret to staying clutter-free in any room and the kitchen is no exception — decluttering is a great start but the clutter will build up again unless you have a place for everything. And that means everything, even the little stuff like a stray pen or a bunch of coasters that normally lie around. Once you do this you’ll be able to keep kitchen counters clutter free with little effort. With all this new found storage, now is the time to evaluate what really needs to come back on the counter tops and what can be put away. Chances are most of the stuff you had on your counters can be stored away and yet be easily accessible.

5. create extra storage (if needed)

Even if you have a small kitchen, chances are you’ve missed some storage opportunities. Things like an above the counter wall rail to hang the most used pots, pans and utensils will get them off the countertops and create more space in your closed storage cabinets. Or you can get some rails that hang from the ceiling. Consider hooks or racks that go inside cabinet doors. Drawer dividers, revolving shelves and baskets can all help organise and create more space inside your cabinets. Or add an open shelf or two which can be really useful in awkward corners where nothing else will fit. All you need is one or two of these things to create that extra storage. But only create extra storage if you really need it after decluttering and not the other way around!

6. appliances don’t belong on countertops

Yup, you read that right. It’s one of those things that we all automatically do without questioning it — kind of like keeping medicines in the bathroom. Once I realised there is absolutely no reason to keep appliances on my countertops, my kitchen counters haven’t looked better and have given me so much more space to cook. Now, I keep my most frequently used appliances in easily accessible cabinets. The only exception to this is probably the kettle if used multiple times a day or a small coffee machine which again could be used more than once a day. Other than these, everything including the toaster can be put away.

extra storage for small kitchens what to display on kitchen counters clutter free kitchen

7. add a few decorations

This is the fun bit. Bring back a few favourite pieces to create a bit of a display; things like a plant or potted herbs, wooden chopping boards, oil decanted in to a pretty bottle, a favourite cookbook or a beautiful jug all work well. How much you leave on display is of course down to personal preference — I prefer a more minimalist look kitchen so I usually have a plant or some herbs on my counter tops. This also adds a pop of colour to my otherwise very white kitchen. Some people prefer a little more so do what works for you and your style. The point is to be intentional with what you leave on display and not end up with a bunch of stuff that piles up unintentionally.

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