How to grow love lies bleeding or amaranthus caudatus in your pot and garden

Amaranthus caudatus or love lies bleeding or foxtail Amaranthus is a special flower, a plant that impresses with its unique shape. It can be planted in any yard and is a perfect decoration for your household. It gives color to your garden and a unique look, which is remarkable. The flowers are red or cherry, a shade that matches the green leaves because it creates a beautiful contrast. Here’s how to care for it and how you can enjoy it.

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Planting love lies bleeding or amaranthus caudatus

When it comes to planting this flower, it needs moist soil with a low acidic pH. When we talk about positioning in front of the sun, amaranthus caudatus is a flower that needs the sun and its light.

If you plant it in your garden or in your yard, you should know that the plant needs a space of 30 cm until another plant is positioned.

Positioning this beauty

The flower can be positioned in the sun, it needs light. It can withstand shady places, but it is best to position it in the sun if you have space in your yard.

Watering and substrate

Regarding the amount of water, watering is done in moderate amounts. The earth must be resilient, so you can always check it with your finger.

As for the substrate, the amaranthus caudatus needs well-drained soil, a soil that is rich in nutrients. When we talk about pH, it must be slightly acidic or neutral soil.

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