How to decorate your home for Christmas original and on a budget: 42 smart and easy ideas

Have you thought about a cheaper Christmas decoration? It is not necessary to spend your salary on all those decorations you see in magazines. The truth is that with few things, and many of the things we already have at home, they can become wonderful decorations. Would you like to know how to decorate your home for Christmas on a budget? Today we will give you several ideas that you will find useful.

30 Beautiful Christmas decoration ideas with natural materials

Candle-based centrepieces are always a sure hit. A classic that never dies and that, moreover, we can make ourselves. For example, something as simple as using a few cinnamon sticks and wrapping a white candle creates a much more decorative piece.

A popcorn garland can simulate snowflakes. Imagine how beautiful this tree would look at home. Plus, it’s a simple craft that we can do with kids. Christmas wreaths, from those hung on doors, can be made with natural materials and without spending a lot of money. We can, for example, make a beautiful Christmas wreath with aromatic herbs. The secret is to get a solid base so you can nail the branches.

Another option we love are citrus wreaths. Not only will we bring color to our door, we will also fill the environment with an intoxicating aroma. As with candles, every ingredient is good. We can use oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tree branches or even pineapples.

A beautiful Christmas decoration without a (real) tree, is it possible?

We’re talking about oranges, although any citrus fruit could work. Dried oranges are perfect as Christmas decorations. Making them will not cost us much, since any oven or microwave oven can help us. These dried oranges can be used as decorations for the tree, decoration for fireplace garlands or placed in centrepieces.

These are some of the ideas we have for you, but you can find many more in the images below.










































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