Scandi living room ideas

Scandi living room ideas

When decorating a living room in a warm minimalist style, wall art should definitely be a part of your decor. Art is a great way to finish a room and add personality to it. However, it can be tricky knowing how to choose the right pieces. Warm minimalist interiors are inviting, calm and cohesive and so the art you choose should fit in with this style and vibe. If you love the warm minimalist interior look but aren’t sure how to choose art for your space, then these tips are a good starting point.

Before I get into the tips, it’s worth saying that art is very personal to each person and each home. So, while these tips are a guide to get started with buying art, they are not set in stone. There really is no right or wrong way to choose art. These tips are really for anyone who wants some ideas and inspiration to get started.

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how to choose wall art for a warm minimalist living room

1. less is more

One of the key principles of warm minimalism is that it focuses on what matters and everything else can go. This simple principle is worth keeping in mind when decorating your walls with art. Not every blank wall needs to be filled with art and sometimes just one large piece may be enough in a living room. This will also mean that the pieces you do have will really stand out. It really does boil down to remembering that less is more.

2. get personal

One of the most common myths about warm minimalist interiors are that they can be stark and impersonal. While warm minimalist homes do have a pared back approach, they are never lacking in personality and interest. And art is one of the best ways to personalise your space by including things like a custom poster of a favourite photo or a print of a place that means something to you. These are just a couple of examples but art, by its very nature, is personal so while it can be tempting to copy others, it’s really important to invest in art pieces that speak to you and bring you joy every time you look at them.

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3. think about colour schemes

When it comes to wall art it’s worth considering the colours you want to add to your space, before buying the art. While warm minimalist interiors are generally decorated in neutrals, your art doesn’t have to be neutral. You may choose to go for neutrals, or you may want to add a pop of colour to your neutral home. Or you could choose to accentuate a particular colour in your decor by picking art in similar tones. Whatever you decide, it’s worth considering what colours you want to add to your space before you buy the art, so that it works cohesively with the rest of your decor.

4. plan the layout

Before you buy the art, it’s also worth planning where it will go and what sizes you want. If you prefer to lean more minimal, you might opt for one large artwork above your sofa or on the biggest wall in your living room. Or you may want to create a pared back gallery wall with a few different sized pieces that work well together. You may also choose to dot various pieces around the living room and not focus on just one wall. Whatever look you go for, it’s worth planning this before you buy the art so that it looks cohesive and comes together.

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5. choose simple frames

Even though this sounds obvious, it’s worth mentioning. A gallery wall can quickly look cluttered and busy if you have lots of differently styled frames, especially if they are ornate or bulky. Going for simple, pared back frames will keep the look clean and minimal even if you have more than a few pieces of art on a particular wall.

6. keep it simple

While art is of course down to personal choice, it’s worth opting for pieces that are simple and not too colourful when going for a warm minimalist living space. If you do choose to add a pop of colour to your living room, choose one or two colours. Any more than this and your space can start to look busy. Similarly choose art that has clean lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs. Anything that’s too intricate or detailed can make your living space look more chaotic than calm.

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