brown white living room

white living room with brown accents

Located in Gothenburg, this warm minimalist Swedish apartment is simple yet stylish. This apartment perfectly captures the Swedish concept of lagom — loosely translated to mean not too much or too little. When it comes to interiors, the Scandinavians know just how to decorate a space so it has balance and this home is a great example. Here, architectural features and a few chosen pieces are given the space they need to stand out. There’s also plenty of empty space which is exactly what creates balance in a home.

brown white living room Scandinavian living room decor fireplace in Scandinavian home white Scandinavian living room decor

The white living room is complimented with lots of black, brown and beige accents. The white really pops against these darker shades and allows the fireplace, the beautiful coving and all the architectural features to stand out. The beige and brown tones bring plenty of warmth to the room. As you would expect, there are lots of natural textures in this room as well as feature lighting and greenery which are all key elements of Scandinavian decor.

Apart from the colours in this living room, I love how favourite decor pieces have been allowed to standout. By having fewer pieces and allowing each piece to have space, you really get to appreciate your chosen pieces like in this room. Also, it prevents a room from looking cluttered and allows your space to feel and look bigger no matter how small it is.

minimal bedroom decor beige and white bedroom decor white bedroom Scandinavian style

dark green kids room green kids room

The main bedroom is simply decorated with white walls, beige accents and a touch of black, similar to the living room. The bedroom isn’t large and is also narrow so maximising space here is key. They’ve done just that by including only what’s needed plus a few decorations to add personality. The beige tones add warmth to this bedroom as do the wooden floors. While minimal in decor, this bedroom feels cosy and calm.

The second bedroom is a kids room decorated in a deep olive green with muted rust accents. This is the only room that doesn’t follow the colour scheme of the rest of the house but is still very much in keeping with the look and uses complimentary colours. There are lots of wood and rattan decorations in this room which bring warmth and softness.

black and white kitchen black and white dining room Scandinavian kitchen decor dining room details

Once again the kitchen features a similar colour scheme as most of the home. But here there is a lot more black which contrasts perfectly with the white walls. There are also lots of beige accents which soften the look. Texture is something we can overlook in a kitchen but it’s just as important in this room as in any other as it prevents a kitchen from looking cold. Here you have linen curtains, a jute rug, plants, ceramics and more that make this space feel cohesive and cosy. There are also lots of contrasting materials like the cool concrete floor and the tiles which are balanced out with the warm woods and other warm textures.

image credits: alvhem

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