Nestled among Menorca’s olive trees and rocky landscape, this former farmhouse has become a charming boutique holiday home.

When the French owners initially discovered ‘Son Alberti’, it lay in ruins; a tornado had demolished the roof and surrounding plantations, while the layout failed to effectively utilise the expansive space. Despite the building’s fragile state, however, the couple were captivated by its sense of calm and Mediterranean charm, immediately recognising its potential to evolve into a family retreat.

Enlisting the help of Parisian architects Atelier Du Pont, the family set out to craft a home that struck the perfect balance between tradition and modernity while paying respect to Menorca’s context and climate. “Their vision was to create a holiday home that could accommodate friends and family – one that was simple, joyful, graphic and bright,” Atelier Du Pont co-founder Anne-Cécile Comar says.

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The farmhouse’s white limestone walls, preserved and enhanced by Atelier Du Pont, reflect the island’s vernacular architecture.

The house is situated atop a rocky 36-hectare plot of land near the town of Alaior. Its white limestone walls reflect Menorca’s vernacular architecture, a heritage Atelier Du Pont firmly believe should be safeguarded and revitalised using local resources. “While preserving the main structure, we enhanced the architectural language of the house, blending traditional influences with contemporary accents,” Anne-Cécile explains.

The complete reconfiguration of the farmhouse became the project’s primary focus, aimed at optimising space and creating more opportunities for natural light to enter the building. The focus then shifted to infusing personality into each room by integrating vibrant colours and interesting patterns, providing contrast to the monochromatic walls, floors, and ceilings. “This is a creative project that boldly twists local codes into a new chromatic universe,” Atelier Du Pont co-founder Philippe Croisier says.

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The owners love to cook, and so Atelier Du Pont reserved a large open space for the kitchen, which connects onto the dining room.

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Warm shades of orange and brown are interspersed with bold shades of blue to create visual appeal in the kitchen.

Importantly, the design team tapped into local building knowledge and practices during the project, collaborating with skilled craftsmen to craft authentic Menorcan interiors. Complementing prolific use of limestone, the furniture selections incorporate masonry and earthen concrete materials accented with warm timbers and earthy-coloured fabrics.

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A palette of warm, earthy hues contrasts with the white walls, floors and ceilings in the living space.

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Atelier Du Pont have painted amber-coloured arches onto the walls to create the effect of “permanent sunsets”.

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A custom bed crafted from limestone integrates seamlessly with the architecture.

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