modern beige living room

modern beige living room

Today’s home tour is an apartment in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.  It was the beautiful beige living room that first caught my attention with it’s contrast of modern and mid-century furniture.  The beige theme is continued throughout the home, giving it the home warmth and feeling of cosiness.

Much like the majority of Scandinavian homes, this apartment isn’t large, measuring under 700 sq ft (64 sqm).  It has a main bedroom,  a second small bedroom and a small living/dining room with the kitchen in the corridor, just off the living area.  But as always with Scandi homes, size is never a barrier to creating a home that is stylish, clutter-free and practical.

minimal Scandi dining room
modern living Scandinavian stylemodern beige Scandinavian living roomSculptural decor is always so eye-catching and this living room has an abundance of it. The curved sofa, the coffee tables, the lighting and the artwork are all inspired by sculptural shapes.  These kind of shapes bring a softness to the room, making it feel welcoming.  The modern decor of the living area is unexpectedly contrasted with the mid-century furniture of the dining area.  This is an unusual look but it works so well in this space, even though it’s a small space with both the living and dining area right next to each other.  The black accents throughout the space help make everything feel cohesive.

Speaking of black, the colours in this living and dining room are made up of my current favourite combination.  Beige walls with black and white accents.  If you love neutrals, you can’t go wrong with this colour scheme.  It brings warmth and a sense of calm with bags of style too.  And of course you have all the key elements of Scandi decor in this home – feature lighting, lots of textures, wood and more.

beige kitchen Scandinavian
beige hallway kitchen
modern Scandinavian kitchen

The kitchen is just off the dining area as you can see.  It’s not a separate room but instead a corridor that leads to the entryway and the bedrooms.  It’s a small apartment, which means every inch of space has to be maximised and that’s exactly what they’ve done here.  It’s a simple, modern kitchen in the same colours as the living space.  This gives the home a cohesive feel which becomes especially important in spaces like this where rooms aren’t separate but are all joined to one another.

Scandinavian bedroom with wallpaper
clutter free Scandi bedroom
desk in small bedroom

Moving on to the main bedroom, I was a bit surprised when I saw it.  I wasn’t expecting wallpaper in this mostly modern apartment.  But I love the unexpected touch!  The rest of the bedroom decor is simple and pared back incorporating lots of beige accents and wood tones throughout, much like the rest of the home.  There are some mid-century touches in here as well as a discreet workspace – perfectly fitted in by the window.  The curtains here (as well as the living room) have been hung from ceiling,  giving an illusion of height.  This home hasn’t got high ceilings so this is a great design trick.

small single bedroom Scandinavian home

The second bedroom is very small, just about large enough to fit a single bed.  I’m guessing that’s why there’s no wallpaper here as it could make the small space look busy.  The colour scheme here is the same as the rest of the home.  This room has been simply decorated with a couple of artworks and plants that add interest without cluttering up the space.

It was the modern beige living room that first drew me to this Scandi home.  With all the sculptural details and the beautiful colour scheme, it looks pretty stunning! What do you think?

photography by wrede

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