white Scandinavian living room

minimalist white homeFor your latest home tour, I’ve got this beautiful, minimalist white home that is simple yet so stylish.  This small one bedroom Scandinavian apartment is decorated in mostly white with soft grey accents and pale wood throughout.

While an all white look can sometimes look too stark, that’s not the case in this Scandi home which is both warm and minimalist.  The addition of lots of natural textures and the pale wood throughout make this home welcoming and cosy.

white Scandinavian living roomcosy white living room
minimalist white living room
black and white minimal art in living room
small living room dining room combo

The first thing that stood out in this white living room was that dramatic piece of black and white art.  Simple and minimal in design, this oversized piece of art really adds a striking look to this living room.  Even though it’s so large, it’s the monochromatic colours and the simplicity of the design that makes it work in this space.

It’s a common design myth that small spaces need small pieces of decor.  It’s actually the reserve that’s true.  A small room benefits from one or two large pieces to prevent it looking cluttered.  This living room is a great example with not only the oversized artwork, but also the one big sofa which works so much better than if they’d have two smaller ones.

Another clever use of the small space is the round dining table in the corner of the room.  The shape and the placement make it feel like a separate area but it still comes together with the rest of the room.  And of course, you have all the key elements of Scandinavian decor in this room – lots of natural textures, plants, pale wood, feature lighting and no clutter.

light grey bedroom decor Scandi
small grey white Scandinavian bedroom
minimalist grey bedroom

The bedroom has been painted in a pale shade of grey with lots of white.  Much like the rest of this minimalist white home, the bedroom is simple and uncluttered.  I’m loving the wall hook with the patterned dress on display.  While providing storage, it’s also a great way to add personality to a bedroom by displaying what you already have.

There really isn’t much space in this small bedroom but once again you have a large bed which is the main feature of this room.  It’s the choice of colours, the feature light and the simple decor that make this  bedroom so calm and cosy, perfect for promoting sleep.  And of course this is a completely clutter free bedroom which is always so crucial in creating a calming space.

small white kitchen diner
small white Scandi kitchen
art in kitchen diner

Before ending this Scandi home tour, I wanted to share a peek in to the kitchen.  It’s a small modern white kitchen with a dining area.  Once again it’s simple but has all the decor touches that bring a space to life like the pendant light, the artwork, plants and the rug.  All this combines to make this space feel cosy, stylish and practical.  So many of us don’t include art in the kitchen and I often wonder why as it can add so much.

I love the simplicity of this minimalist white home which has lots of warmth and style.  The decor touches throughout bring the home to life especially all the feature lighting in every room and that oversized art in the living room.

all images via alvhem

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