North American interior designer Jeremiah Brent has crafted a family home in California’s San Francisco Bay Area that embodies a zest for life.

Home to a young, active family of six, the design needed to cater for large gatherings and celebrations while exuding a sense of warmth and relaxation. “I’m always striving for contrast in my projects,” Jeremiah says. “In this case, the client wanted a home where they could entertain but also kick their feet up on a Sunday afternoon; it needed to have room for 40-person dinner parties but also feel intimate when it was just the six of them.”

For Jeremiah, designing an enduring family home requires an understanding of the way they like to live. For this particular family, their lives are centred around connection, and as such, their home needed to serve as a vibrant backdrop for shared moments and experiences. Natural light and a sense of openness were essential in meeting this brief, with Jeremiah incorporating expansive steel-framed windows throughout the home. A sense of flow between the communal spaces was also desired, achieved through wide arched openings.

By selecting natural, salvaged materials for the project, including stones, woods and cobblestones, Jeremiah has instilled a sense of age and honesty into the interiors. “Even though the house is brand new, we wanted it to feel like it had a history to it,” he says. The designer even campaigned to have the house’s exterior bricks cut, washed, and washed again to achieve the impression of centuries of weathering. He also worked meticulously on the home’s custom elements such as the elegant bronze handles which adorn the bar’s cabinetry.

est living homewood jeremiah brent 02

The bar area features a custom cabinet designed by Jeremiah Brent, complete with elegant bronze handles.

In alignment with the theme that underpins all of Jeremiah’s projects – contrast – the home’s furniture, objects and lighting showcase a combination of soft and hard finishes. Boucle chairs and hand-knotted wool rugs exist alongside glass pendant lights and stone tables, resulting in layered and tactile spaces.   

“It’s incredibly gratifying to walk into a home with so much square footage and still have it feel warm and relaxing,” Jeremiah says. “As a designer, you can’t really ask for a better outcome.”

est living homewood jeremiah brent 12

An overhead skylight illuminates the journey up the sculptural staircase.

est living homewood jeremiah brent 01

Boucle chairs contrast stone tables in the Homewood residence.

est living homewood jeremiah brent 11

The primary bedroom features a pair of Vladimir Kagan swivel lounge chairs, which rest upon an antique hand-knotted wool rug.

est living homewood jeremiah brent 06

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