cosy Scandi home

cosy Scandi homeIf you want to decorate your home in Scandinavian style, this cosy Scandi home has so much inspiration to offer.  It’s a small one bedroom apartment measuring just over 600 sq ft (57 sqm) but the neutral decor and the high ceilings make this home feel bigger.

This home looks so cosy and inviting with all the plants and textures that really bring the space to life.  It has all the key elements of Scandinavian home decor which is exactly what makes this type of decor so popular.  This home also benefits from some beautiful architectural details like high ceilings and big windows.

Scandinavian style living room
small Scandi dining room
cosy Scandi living room
white Scandinavian living roomThe living room in this Swedish apartment is in the middle with the kitchen and dining room on one side and the bedroom on the other.  What really stands out here is the effortless flow from one room to the other made possible by the beautiful arches and the large double doorways.

The colours are mainly whites with lots of beige and brown accents and lots of pale wood throughout.  And of course you have plenty of plants and foraged branches adding a pop of green throughout the space.  The sheer curtains let in all the light from those beautiful, large windows.

beige white Scandi bedroom
cozy Scandinavian bedroom
bedroom with home office
cosy beige bedroom
home office desk in bedroom

Much like the living room, the bedroom is decorated in lots of creams, beiges and browns. There are many natural textures in this room too which really makes this room look so cosy and inviting.  Once again there are lots of plants and branches adding warmth and greenery.

I love how they’ve used the space in this bedroom by creating separate zones for sleep and work but the room still comes together beautifully.  On the other side of the bed is a little balcony which is a lovely feature to have, especially in a small apartment.

cosy Scandi home living room
cozy Scandi home
entryway arch decor

I didn’t want to end the tour of this cosy Scandi home without really showing off this entryway arch.  It’s such a lovely feature to have.  Having an arch instead of an angular doorway softens a space and looks so great.  Also, as the hallway is pretty small, the arched wall separates it from the living room while still making it feel more spacious than it is.

I usually have a favourite room in each of the home tours that I share but in this Scandi home, I can’t choose a favourite.  The whole apartment is beautiful and all the rooms flow effortlessly from one to the other and come together so cohesively.  I love the natural, neutral colour scheme, all the textures and all the plants that you have throughout this home.  Do you have a favourite room in this home?

all images via alvhem

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