State of Kin have peeled back the layers of this 1970s West-Perth home and brought it into the present with a fresh material palette and a reinvigorated sense of connectivity. Originally designed by the late architect Iwan Iwanoff, the home is regarded as a notable mid-century-modern building worthy of protection despite not yet being officially heritage listed. State of Kin recognised its architectural significance and approached it accordingly, seeking to celebrate its past while guiding it into the present.

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State of Kin have sought to reveal and celebrate the original concrete blockwork.

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The new design is characterised by a palette of Artedomus tiles, warm spotted-gum veneer and a variety of natural stones.

Over the past five decades, Booth House has undergone several renovations that have progressively eroded its original character. State of Kin were keen to restore Iwanoff’s design approach, namely his playful use of texture, light and shade, and integrate them with a sophisticated layout and connection to the outdoors. “The aim was not simply to restore but to reimagine and pay homage to the original creator’s intention while making the home habitable, comfortable and suitable for current and future ways of life,” State of Kin director and co-founder Ara Salomone says.

The removal of layers that had accumulated over time was essential to achieving a fresh design. The concrete blockwork, in particular, was “peeking through coats of paint and just waiting to be revealed and celebrated once again,” Ara says. New layers were then added, including Artedomus tiles, warm spotted-gum veneer and various natural stones.

Updating the layout was also crucial to the overall design outcome. Ara says the team prioritised “flow of movement through spaces, connectivity across rooms and ambience throughout the home with respect to its origin.” The kitchen and living spaces were opened up, the studio was updated and expanded, the bedrooms were revived into more comfortable spaces, and the outdoor spaces were framed throughout.

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New layouts were explored to enhance the liveability of the spaces, including an open bedroom-bathroom configuration.

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The home possesses hallmarks of mid-century-modern buildings, including low-slung forms and clean, simple lines.

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