If you are a nature lover and enjoy bird watching, this little cabin is a haven for those who love the beauty of nature. As we know, a cabin is the best space to relax, be peaceful, and calm when you want to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are wondering which cabin will be the best fit for your next destination? You may want to consider Hide Cabin as your next destination.

Hide Cabin designed by Inclume Architects, is located in the remote forest of Thetford, England. The cabin is a sanctuary for hikers, nature lovers and bird watchers. This allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in the forest, providing a place to view the surrounding nature and wildlife with minimal distractions.


The name “Hide” derives from the bird’s skin, an often protected camouflage structure, which is often used to observe wildlife at close range. Hide is designed to embody and capture the essence of escape, giving nature lovers the chance to camp in a quiet and natural setting. The design borrows ideas from the environment, a considered approach to what the temporary shelter is for and the function it provides. Designers tried to use symmetry as balance to create serenity to the space, framing the view across the vast forest in a deliberate way to enhance simplicity and minimalism.


The hide cabin is a small space so every part is really well thought out to serve its purpose and function. The large opening on one side formed the main shelter with a solid upper canopy roof. The cubes are suspended in a lightweight structure, similar to a bird’s nest within a tree branch.






There is an extension of the wooden structure that allows visitors to hang their bags or coats. Meanwhile, the front slim opening acts as a handy and functional joinery. The aim is to frame the view from within, forming a protected and hidden view with natural light from the sun, contrasting the varying darkness as the sun crosses the cabin. The frame also doubles as a collapsible seat, creating an additional resting place on the outside of the structure.



The entire cabin structure can be dismounted and moved to another location in the forest. It has a convenient flat pack design, where the individual facade panels are prefabricated, and housed together within the main frame in place. Pre-drilled holes for installing panels minimize construction noise generated on site, and panels can be easily transported by hand or small carts. Hide is a sanctuary that provides a unique and individual experience, studying wildlife, or simply relaxing from all the activity.




Designer: Inclume Architects

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