Whenever I visit my MIL, I love going through her heirloom crochet tablecloths and doilies made by her mother. Although she gifted me a lot, she’s still got a full cupboard of them. 
All of the tablecloths and doilies are made with crochet thread, and with minuscule crochet hooks to achieve a spider-web quality. Surprisingly, the tooth of time has had no influence on them. 
I’ve selected a couple I would like to recreate, and I have already started drawing the chart for a couple of them. I don’t know how grandma Lena had made them, because my MIL doesn’t remember seeing her using charts or patterns. 
But it is an interesting project, and I really hope to make at least one. I have no plans of using crochet thread and tiny hooks, and I know the project won’t be the same; nevertheless I am sure it will be an exciting and fulfilling experience.