This beautiful and spacious loft apartment in Sweden has been decorated completely in grey, combined with a neutral color palette for a modest yet stylish look. The loft consists of a large living kitchen with a dining room, and two bedrooms, all well-lit since the attic windows get an abundance of natural light.

Rather than going for a feature wall here and there, the entire loft apartment has been painted in the same subtle gray color combined with a few cohesive and strategically placed storage opportunities for a modern look and feel with a classic touch that looks thought-through and elegant.

The gray color on the walls is slightly darker than this subtle light gray painted apartment, yet it’s also not as dramatic as the dark gray paint color used in this beautiful interior.

A spacious living room combined kitchen with light gray walls

The living kitchen has a light gray paint color, while the doors and floorboards have a darker gray treatment which really makes them stand out against the walls. The sloped ceilings have been painted in the same paint color as the gray walls, but the ceiling itself has been painted white, which gives the impression of higher ceilings and more light.

The round dining table, the focal point of the room, has been placed in front of the large attic window going out onto the balcony, which really is an ideal spot for it. The warm wood tones in the furniture warm up the gray walls in a lovely way and the pointy roof above the window visually separates the dining area from the rest of the space.

A living room in warm hues to contrast the gray walls

The cream-colored sofa, the wood tones in the lounge chairs, and the subtle brown and beige tones in the throw pillows add a lovely warm touch to the light gray walls in the living room interior design.

The off-white area rug matches the color palette of the textiles and it also visually separates the living room area from the rest of the space together with the plissé pendant light above the coffee table.

A dark gray kitchen with a quartz countertop

The dark gray shaker-style kitchen matches the color of the doors and floorboards, which gives the living space an integrated effect. The terrazzo countertops and stainless steel hardware add a fresh touch to the kitchen design, while the wood accent pieces match the hardwood floors.

The layout of the kitchen is planned with the larger modules containing the oven and the fridge on either side, with a split in lower and higher cupboards in the middle. The glass vitrine-style cupboards on the top give the layout a lighter look with clean lines coming back in the shaker cabinet fronts.

Light grey walls and warm textiles in the master bedroom

Just like in the living room, the light grey walls of the bedroom have been softened out and warmed up with a variety of different tones in the textiles on the bed, headboard, and large area rug. The light oak wood of the bench behind the bed and the lounge chair adds a natural touch to the interior design.

On the wall opposed to the bed, you can find a custom-built low board made out of the same dark gray cabinet fronts as the ones in the kitchen. The cupboards have been finished off with grey marble countertops and stainless steel hardware and I imagine they provide ample storage space seeing as they go wall to wall.

A guest bedroom with the same gray walls

Also in the guest bedroom, the kitchen cabinetry comes back as a form of storage, though here it’s a smaller one than the one in the master bedroom. The color palette in this small space goes in line with the one in the rest of the apartment, yet the dark details on the bedside table add depth to the look.

Custom storage in the hallway

The wall color in the hallway shares the same color as in the rest of the apartment and also here the interior designer included a custom-built storage opportunity in the form of a tall wardrobe to hold jackets and shoes.

A light gray open shelf sits comfortably against the perfect backdrop of grey on the wall and holds a few pretty decor objects to finish the look off nicely.

via Alexander White

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