A living room with grey walls and a grey fabric sofa

I love the mid-grey wall color in the living and dining rooms of this beautiful Swedish apartment. The grey walls have warm undertones, which complement the warm wood of the herringbone hardwood flooring. The white trimming on the ceiling, the beautiful rounded windows, and the white-painted iron radiators all stand out so nicely against the grey walls.

Grey walls in the living and dining rooms

The grey walls in this home aren’t quite as dark as the gray paint color that was chosen for this small apartment for example, but they are dark enough to add a bit of a dramatic effect to the daylight-flooded rooms.

The living room has been decorated with a grey textile sofa and light grey coffee tables with a blue vase that really stands out in the space. The adjacent dining room has been fitted with a black dining table and chairs, which add so much contrast here.

Just like the blue vase in the living room, the blue flowers add a colorful focal point that stands out so nicely against the perfect backdrop created by the grey walls. The dark blue art print on the wall matches this color scheme and I love the way those pops of blue brighten this otherwise neutral color scheme.

A kitchen with solid wood cabinets

The kitchen has been built in a relatively small space that has a curved wall that becomes more narrow towards the window. Because of this, the kitchen layout has been planned in one line against the wall.

The natural finish of the solid wood kitchen cabinets works wonderfully with the grey limestone countertops and complements the hardwood flooring perfectly. The different shades of wood in the cabinet doors, the flooring, and the dining chairs work in perfect cohesion together.

Since the kitchen has been built in a rather narrow space, the layout is concentrated on the bottom area, giving the kitchen cabinets a lighter look. In the upper area, solid wood open shelving has been installed which matches the kitchen cabinets.

While the grey walls in the living room are dark and have warm undertones, the wall color in the kitchen is lighter and has green undertones for a lighter and refreshing look that goes well with the solid wood cabinets.

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