calming green bedroom ideas

calming green bedroom ideas

A green bedroom can be incredibly cosy and calming and so it’s no surprise that it’s a colour often seen in Scandi bedrooms. I’m talking about muted greens like olive green or sage green because bright greens will of course have the opposite effect.

Green is a colour that’s seen throughout Scandinavian decor, not just in bedrooms, because it’s also a great way to bring the outdoors in. Green living rooms and green kitchens are just as popular as green bedrooms.

Green bedrooms can be light or dark and are often complimented with other neutrals like white, black, grey and brown. Here I’m sharing some green Scandi bedroom ideas from the palest greens to the darkest. Green, like most paint colours, has undertones like grey, yellow, red and more so it’s important to pick the right green for your bedroom.

If you’ve been thinking of painting your bedroom green, you will be inspired by these spaces.

green Scandi bedroom ideas

light green bedroom Scandinavian sage green bedroom decor light sage green walls bedroom

sage green bedrooms

Sage green bedrooms can lean darker or paler, depending on your personal preference. As you can see from the bedrooms above, sage green goes so well with white even when it’s a very pale shade of green. In addition to white, beiges and browns complement this wall colour really well.

Sage green is a really calming option for bedroom walls. And it’s especially great for those who want a touch of green but prefer to have lighter coloured walls.


moody blue green bedroom blue green white bedroom decor cosy blue green bedroom

blue-green bedrooms

If you love blue decor and green decor and can’t choose between them, then a blue-green paint could be the colour for you. There are lots of paint colours to choose from with some leaning more green while others are more blue.

White pairs with blue-green just as well as it does with most shades of green but grey is another great colour to bring in to the mix. Light and darker greys both work well as do black accents.


olive green bedroom ideas green Scandi bedroom ideas for a calm and cosy space

olive green bedrooms

Olive green is a beautiful colour for a bedroom but it has warm undertones that can include reds and yellows. This makes it one of the harder shades of green to work with as it can end up looking too yellow or red. The answer is to test it in your room and your lighting before deciding on the shade.

As you can see from the bedrooms above, olive green walls can be so calm and minimal and you can add in one or two other warmer tones as well as lots of white to balance it out. The browny-blush accents work really well in the second bedroom while the first bedroom features a touch of purple.

cosy dark green bedroom dark green and white bedroom how to style a green bedroom

dark green bedrooms

Dark green has a calm, collected and sophisticated feel to it. As dark as these bedrooms are, they are all muted greens which is what gives them that elegance and calmness.

Dark greens go well with lots of neutrals including white, beige, brown and blush. They can also be paired with earthy tones. For a moody look, black accents work really well. I’d say that a dark muted green is the easiest shade to work with if you want to introduce other colours in to the room.

Whats your favourite shade of green for a bedroom?

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