Getting Merry With Tinsel

We’re in my favorite holiday season and I wanted to share a recent experiment i did with Glory the fig. Since she is so big and I can’t place a Christmas tree in the sunroom due to her size, I decided to add tinsel to her limbs. You already know how extra she is, so she absolutely loved the idea! I used this tinsel because it’s packaged in strips which made it easy to use craft wire and attach pieces of strips i cut into sections and attach to Glory. Since the tinsel comes packaged in strips, it’s easy to store after use, so i will definitely be reusing it.

fiddle leaf fig decorated for christmas
Fiddle leaf fig decorated for Christmas

So extra, right!? I love a bit of whimsy year round, but especially at Christmas. I think this delivers on the whimsy:-)

Christmas tree decorated using metallic colors and tinsel

Here’s a preview of another tree that I also decorated using a bit of the same tinsel. I am currently editing images of our Christmas tour and hope to post those shortly, so stay tuned…

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Getting Merry With Tinsel