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Filled with practicalities you can’t live without but don’t necessarily want to live with, the average bathroom can feel like a challenge to your home’s overall appeal. Doing it differently starts with making a mood board that allows you  to compile and arrange elements you actually like to form a cohesive whole that works well and looks good. Those in the know might add fixtures and fittings from a beautifully crafted collection that’s at home amid a number of aesthetics, from Art Deco to Japandi, allowing you to style it to suit you.
By specialists in premium bathroom, kitchen and laundry products ABI Interiors, the Namika collection is characterised by reeded detail that’s very now yet chic forever. Ornate ribbing joins robust construction from solid brass in this range that encompasses tapware, dual-purpose hooks/cabinetry knobs, a towel rail, a toilet roll holder and a fluted basin. Far from choosing function over form, the pieces in the Namika collection look lovely, perform perfectly and are memorable to touch, making a statement on arrival and leaving a lasting impression.

Get your grooves on with ABI Interiors’ Namika collection of reeded bathroom fixtures

Get your grooves on with ABI Interiors’ Namika collection of reeded bathroom fixtures
ABOVE Every aspect of ABI Interiors’ Namika collection is extremely well-resolved, the intricate reeded detail teaming with shapely rods and delicate etched lettering to denote hot and cold. Minimal in appearance, it maximises enjoyment on a multisensory level.

Plan like a pro from the get-go by integrating these elegant options into your mood board with your paint and other samples in your favourite of four finishes: Brushed Brass, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Nickel. Include several items from the Namika collection for visual continuity or select just one as a tactile hero you could team with other textured elements such as handmade tiles. You can also plan now and pivot later with ABI Interiors’ innovative, interchangeable Infiniti technology, which allows you to swap your tapware styles, finishes and functions at any point post-installation.
This is sophistication you can see and feel, further enhanced by the sense of surety the grooved grips offer wet hands. It’s special subtleties like this that elevate a utilitarian space and are a pleasure to integrate early in your interior design process. Aim to ensure your space includes all the essentials and that each touchpoint is highly refined, for an effect and experience that’s the complete package.

Words Philippa Prentice

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