Scroll down for this free crochet wrap pattern and video tutorial or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF + stitch chart here. This lacy crochet shawl combines beginner-friendly stitches to create a modern triangle wrap for any season!  

lacy summer wrap cream scallop edge denim jacket free pattern video tutorial

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The Dewdrop Wrap is the perfect crochet shawl for any season! Summer, fall, winter or spring – the mesh arches give the wrap an open airy look while the (optional) scalloped border adds a romantic and feminine feel.  

scallop stitch crochet shawl easy free pattern

Although the design looks intricate, this crochet wrap is a lot easier to crochet than it seems. The only crochet stitches you need are chains, single crochet and double crochet. This shawl follows a four row repeat that will feel intuitive after a few repeats, so it’s the perfect project to crochet toss in your bag and crochet on the go during lunch breaks, in waiting rooms or in the car!

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How to Crochet a Triangle Wrap

The Dewdrop Wrap uses the centre-out technique that’s seamless! This means absolutely no seaming or spending hours at the end of your project assembling everything. If you find the most boring part of crocheting is the sewing (Like me haha) you’ll absolutely love this project.

This easy triangle wrap starts with a loop – you simply chain 4 and slip stitch to join to form a ring.

Once you have your ring, we’ll work into the centre on the ring to crochet your first row. A triangle has 3 points, so you’ll increase in 3 times each row – it’s as simple as that! Once, at the beginning of the row, secondly, in the centre chain space and thirdly, at the end of the row.

close up eyelet crochet stitches free wrap pattern

Crochet Scallop Mesh Pattern

After a couple of rows, you’ll see the triangle take shape and grow. This is such a satisfying project to track your progress 🙂 This pattern follows a 4 row repeat, with 3 different types of rows. You’ll crochet 2 rows of double crochets with one row of chain scallops and one row of double crochet clusters.

To create the mesh scallop row, you’ll simply chain 5, skip 2 stitches and then single crochet. There’s no need for advanced stitches to crochet a lacy wrap!

For the row of double crochet clusters, you’ll work 3 double crochets into the chain spaces. These clusters of double crochet help the chain scallops keep their signature ‘half-moon’ shape.

You can crochet this shawl to any size you want and the scalloped edging is completely optional. Add it for a vintage touch or leave it off for a more modern look. This lacy crochet wrap makes the perfect Mother’s Day or Christmas Gift for a loved one.

dewdrop crochet wrap stitch chart sneak peek

Crochet Stitch Chart for Visual Leaners

If you love being able to ‘see’ the pattern before crocheting, then a stitch chart is perfect for you! The low-cost printable PDF includes a bonus stitch chart that shows the 4 row repeat and the finishing scallop border. If you’re having trouble understanding the centre-out triangle or knowing when to increase or forming the mesh scallops, you’ll find the printable PDF and stitch chart is a really valuable upgrade.

free crochet shawl lacy scallop edge with light blue maxi dress

Design Inspiration

I’ve been thinking of a scalloped shawl design for a while (since I first made the Sunburst Scarf last year! Also check out the Stormborn Wrap) but I like wrap patterns that are simple and a little bit mindless, without complicated stitch designs or the need to count stitches every single row.

I couldn’t quite come up with a design that looked delicate and lacy without requiring the skills to read a crazy advanced crochet stitch chart. Finally, I was playing around with creating mesh fabrics and discovered this combination of stitches that looked a lot more intricate and lacier than it really was!

The best part is that it follows such a simple repeat so it’s a lot easier to crochet than you would think, even after you’ve read the pattern! And the four row repeat means that you’ll quickly know if your stitch count is on the right track. I find that wraps with large sections of double crochet rows are easy but you can quickly loose the right stitch count since everything looks the same!

white lace crochet wrap free pattern light blue dress

I love how the mesh/eyelets/gaps of this shawl all have rounded edges instead of the normal grid like look you find with crochet mesh to create a dreamy, romantic look. Also, I’d highly recommend steam blocking this wrap as it helps all the scallops and eyelets open up and create such a beautiful lacy effect.

Thanks to the airy design, the Dewdrop Wrap works well in any season – winter, spring, summer or fall! (Does anyone else hear the Gilmore Girls theme song in their head? haha).  Just choose a yarn fibre that’s suitable to the season you’d like to wear this wrap. I can already imagine a cotton version in a light sea blue would be amazing in summer or a merino wool yarn for winter!

You can also style this wrap for casual or formal occasions! Perfect for weddings, windy beach days or a stylish layer in fall – the Dewdrop Wrap is perfectly casual and put together all at once. For a casual look, pair it with a denim jacket and leggings (as pictured) or over a flowy maxi dress for all the romantic summer vibes.

flat lay of half finished crochet scallop wrap in cream merino yarn with a gold crochet hook on concrete background


My yarn stash has been getting out of control so I used an aran merino yarn that’s from a small farm in the South Island of New Zealand. This organic merino really has the bounciest, most marshmallowy feel in any yarn I’ve ever tried! This merino is also undyed, so it’s just the natural cream colour of the sheep.

This triangle crochet wrap is very forgiving so any aran/worsted/Medium (4) weight yarn would make a great substitute! For the closest substitute you can pick a merino yarn from WeCrochet’s Bare range – they are all untreated yarns that shine by themselves or are great for dying or Lionbrand’s Jeans or Basic stitch are great affordable alternatives!

beginner crochet wrap lace details easy pattern free tutorial

Should I Steam Block the Wrap?

To get your shawl looking it’s best I’d highly recommend steam blocking this wrap. Normally, I leave it up to you to decide if you want to block your pattern. As a general rule of thumb, I steam block when I want my stitches to be more open and relaxed. It’s great if you want a drapey, slouchy and casual look.

With the Dewdrop Wrap, steam blocking as it helps all the scallops and eyelets open up to create such a beautiful lacy effect. Also steam blocking helps to straighten the edges of triangle wraps for a crisp and even triangle.

To steam block, I like to use blocking mats and metal t-pins but in a pinch, you can just lay your shawl over a couple of towels. I place the wrap on the mats, and slowly wave the steamer over the wrap like a wand. Once the wrap feels damp, I pin the edges into place to form a straight line. Make sure to pin down the corners well so they don’t curl up. I gently steam the wrap again and leave it to dry overnight or in the sun.

If you don’t have a steamer you can always use an iron on the steam function just be very careful. Do not let the plate of the iron touch the stitches as the iron can burn your yarn and even melt acrylic! To look after your hard work, always hover an inch above your garment.

crochet shawl pattern pdf on ipad tablet with gold crochet hooks, 3 balls of yarn and coffee mug

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Dewdrop Wrap Video Tutorial

Learning how to crochet? If you’ve never crocheted a triangle wrap before or worked from the centre-out, the video will be a helpful learning tool. The video demonstrates the 4 row repeat and the scallop border at the end of the wrap.

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Ad-free, printable version of the Dewdrop Wrap!

Find the step-by-step video tutorial here!

Mini Explanation:
Light, airy and lacy, the Dewdrop Wrap is the epitome of versatile! Perfect for any season, you can dress it up for a summer wedding or paired with jeans for a casual fall look. It’s worked from the centre out, creating a seamless triangle using 3 basic stitches – chains, single crochets and double crochets! With a meditative 4 row repeat, you’ll want to crochet this wrap again and again.

*Sample is one size on a 5’3” model with a 32” bust. Alteration instructions included in pattern.

*This wrap consists of 4 Row repeat. You can add/reduce repeats to enlarge/reduce the width and depth of the wrap.

*”DC 10″ means DC into the next 10 stitches.

*”3DC” means place 3 DC into the same stitch.

*The turning chain ch 2 does count as a stitch (1 DC).

*The centre ch-2-sp does NOT count as a stitch.

*Total stitches are indicated between < >.

*This pattern uses US crochet terms.

LEVEL: Beginner+

You can find the easy to reference stitch chart with the printable pdf here!


Yarn – Organic 100% Super Soft Merino Wool – Aran/Worsted/Medium (4), 85m/50g, 1.75oz/93yards, Natural
7 skeins

6mm (US J) Crochet Hook

Darning Needle



Base width x height of triangle = 184 x 62cm / 72.5” x 24.5”

Stitches & Abbreviations

Ch = Chain

Sl st = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Rep = Repeat

Sk = Skip

Ch-sp = Chain Space

GAUGE: 10cm/4” square = 11sts wide x 8 rows tall in double crochet

*Gauge is not extremely important for this project. Rather crochet until you reach your desired width.

graphic of printable paper crochet wrap pattern with mug

Dewdrop Wrap Crochet Pattern

To begin ch 4, sl st into 1st st to form a ring or create a magic loop.

ROW 1: Working into the ring, ch 2, DC 2, ch 2 (this forms your centre ch-2-sp), DC 3, turn.

ROW 2: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, DC in each st until ch-2-sp, [DC, ch 2, DC] in centre ch-2-sp, DC in each st until last st, 3DC in last st, turn.

ROW 3: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, DC in each st until ch-2-sp, [DC, ch 2, DC] in centre ch-2-sp, DC in each st until last st, 3DC in last st, turn.

ROW 4: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, DC in each st until ch-2-sp, [DC, ch 2, DC] in centre ch-2-sp, DC in each st until last st, 3DC in last st, turn.

easy crochet wrap free pattern step 1

ROW 5: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, ch 4, sk 2 sts, SC, *ch 5, sk 2 sts, SC; rep from * until 2 sts from centre ch-2-sp, ch 5, sk 2 sts, [SC, ch 2, SC] in centre ch-2-sp, rep from * until 2 sts from end of row, ch 4, sk 2 sts, 3DC in last st, turn.
<6 DC, 2 ch-4-sp, 6 ch-5-sp>

beginner lace wrap step 2 free crochet pattern

ROW 6: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, DC 2, 3DC in each ch-sp until centre ch-2-sp, [DC, ch 2, DC] in centre ch-2-sp, 3DC in each ch-sp until end, DC 2, 3DC in last st, turn.

free crochet pattern video tutorial step 3

ROW 7: Ch 2, 2DC in 1st st, DC in each st until ch-2-sp, [DC, ch 2, DC] in centre ch-2-sp, DC in each st until last st, 3DC in last st, turn.

Repeat ROWS 4-7 until ROW 43.

free crochet pattern spring wrap step 4

*You can add/remove repeats until your wrap is as large/small as you want.

*Detailed Row-by-Row stitch count + stitch chart available in ad-free pdf!


SCALLOP BORDER FINAL ROW: Sk 3 sts, 7DC, sk 2 sts, sl st, *sk 2 sts, 7DC, sk 2 sts, sl st; rep from * until 2 sts from centre ch-2-sp, 7DC in centre ch-2-sp, rep from * until end.

Fasten off.

Total scallops: 43

easy scallop edge wrap free tutorial step 5


Weave in all of your ends.
Steam and block wrap.

Voilà! You’ve finished your Dewdrop Wrap 🙂

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