A base of greige and beige gives this minimalist home interior its soothing, laconic look. Curved furniture pieces and round rugs draw smooth outlines that add to the peaceful ambiance. Visualized by Mirish Mirzayev, this home features an airy, open-plan living space, accented with warming wooden interludes. Fresh splashes of living greenery uplift the tranquil aesthetic. In contrast to the smooth curves of the lounge area, a stainless steel kitchen design cuts through the calm with a sharp linear look. The master bedroom is a succinct design, with a bespoke, illuminated headboard wall treatment. An atmospheric lighting design is employed in the home entryway too, creating a glowing welcome.

A large, round rug holds a cozy lounge furniture arrangement together. The beige rug draws neatly around the outline of a color-matched curved sofa. Two modern ceiling lights tie in smoothly with the rounded shape theme.

The curved sofa design features a split back, which allows the line of sight to pass through onto a wall of book shelving behind it. The bespoke shelving system reaches from floor to ceiling to maximize storage space. Decorative vases and ornaments break up the book collection to achieve an airy, well-curated look. Down in front of the curved sofa, more books adorn a modern coffee table, along with a pair of decorative bowls.

A small side table complements the modern, curvaceous coffee table design. A pair of contemporary lounge chairs round out the furniture arrangement. Huge windows bring natural light flooding into the living room and connect it with the garden.

Behind the small side table, a built-in indoor planter is home to an abundance of lush greenery. The indoor plants have a vibrant, uplifting effect on the neutral home interior, filling it with life and natural color.

Wall-mounted cabinets are installed above and around the indoor planter, offering ample storage opportunities for the homeowners. Their flat-fronted, handle-free doors are color-matched with the living room walls to create a serene meld. A slimline floor reading lamp adds a brief black accent, which complements the living room window frames. The lamp offers task lighting over the two modern lounge chairs to facilitate reading at night.

On the opposite side of the living room, slatted screens mark the boundary between the lounge area and the kitchen diner.

Vertical window blinds offer shade in bright sunlight and complete privacy at night.

The modern kitchen is a stainless steel design, which coolly reflects the light. Modern track lighting spreads even illumination across the kitchen prep area, while LED perimeter lights offer a soft ambiance.

A swing arm wall lamp adds focussed light next to the kitchen sink and the hob.

A breakfast bar extends from one end of the stainless steel kitchen island, surrounded by modern kitchen bar stools.

The cantilevered breakfast bar seems to defy gravity.

While the stainless steel island offers the only work surface in the kitchen, there is also an edge-to-edge wall of appliance housing units. In contrast to the cool steel island, the taller kitchen units introduce a rich, warming wood tone.

The fridge and freezer are tucked away out of sight inside the wooden appliance housing units. Large larder units store the rest of the food.

Next to the breakfast bar, there is a more formal dining area. Because of their proximity, the two can be used in tandem for larger gatherings of friends or family.

Situated close to the window, the formal dining area benefits from bright, natural light and a wide view of the garden. Modern black dining chairs seat up to four people at the modern wood dining table.

Inside the bedroom, a gray upholstered bed dominates the room with a thick, cushioned platform frame. The headboard wall features a bespoke treatment, with a minimalist, illuminated design. A small bedside table has a wraparound design that tucks neatly under the platform bed base and over its wide edge.

On the opposite side of the bed, a small floor lamp is set beside the low bed to offer reading light. Its rose gold base and tinted glass shade introduce subtle color and warmth into the simple scheme. Black switches and sockets darkly punctuate the greige headboard wall, offering light control and device charging right where they’re needed most.

A circular bedroom rug offsets the linear bed shape. It emerges from underneath just one side of the bed to create a relaxed, asymmetrical layout. A dark gray bed set creates a tonal combo with the light gray bedstead and fresh white base sheets. A striped bed throw adds a little pattern to liven up the look.

Beige drapes hang from a recessed curtain rail, which is lifted behind a dropped ceiling. The dropped ceiling panel also disguises a line of perimeter lighting above the bed. Black track lights cut across the width of the room, complete with repositionable spotlights that can be focused on multiple areas.

In the home entryway, a laconic greige decor palette washes over the walls, the ceiling, and all interior doors. The interior doors are frameless to achieve a calm and streamlined aesthetic. Beside the front door, a wall of storage cupboards has been installed to take care of outdoor clothes, shoes, and bags. A small, tufted pouf tucks underneath the storage units, on standby for putting on shoes.

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