I worked my fingers off, but looking at these beautiful and joyful flowered vases, I feel the effort was truly worth it!
This is my newest pattern – a collection of flowers, leafy accents, a vase and a pot appliques. 
The tutorial contains the patterns for 3 types of flowers (daffodils, daisies and wild flowers) along with several leafy accents, a vase and a pot. These can be used on clothes, hats, bags, blankets, cushions, etc.

The arrangement of the applique flowers and leafy accents depends entirely on one’s personal aesthetics. They can be made pouring out of the vases, or arranged in a more simple manner. It leaves place for imagination to take over, and involves a merry play with the arrangements for the best look to be achieved. 

The pattern is in my etsy and ravelry shops.