Discover new convection steam ovens fusing culinary innovation and versatility in the kitchen.

Fast becoming the go-to choice of designers and homeowners within residential kitchen design, the new range of convection steam ovens by Wolf combines the cooking principles of dry heat (convection) and moisture (steam) into one easy-to-use appliance. In a convection steam mode, the oven can alternate between bursts of steam and convection heat across several cooking techniques, from roasting to baking and reheating, to prepare an assortment of healthy, moist, and flavoursome dishes – all with the simple touch of a screen.

In the second of our three-part series on state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, we review the new design elevations behind Wolf’s latest convection steam oven models that offer even more intuitive and personalised cooking control for perfect results every time.

In partnership with Wolf

est living malvern house by cassandra walker design 09

Designer Cassandra Walker couldn’t look past the timeless quality and prestige of integrated Wolf appliances in the kitchen of her Malvern House project. The vertically stacked Wolf convection steam oven and built-in single oven add a sleek touch of black and pair beautifully alongside the contemporary, black steel-framed doors.

Equipped with the ability to offer the versatility needed for achieving a crispy crust when baking bread, perfectly roasting meats, and steaming vegetables, convection steam ovens are frequently incorporated into high-end kitchens, both by home cooks and professional chefs, to harness their capacity for delivering healthy cooking methods and superior results.

The improved technological advances and new features within the Wolf collection of convection steam ovens now offer users improved intuitive controls through a full-colour LCD touchscreen that includes presetting favourite modes for go-to meals. As well as increased cooking capacities to include the new 76cm model, Wolf convection steam ovens are well-regarded for their modern, streamlined designs.  The new models feature a contemporary, handleless look with a motorised door system for a sleek kitchen aesthetic.

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