Beautifully expressed as a commitment to the desert modernist movement in Palm Springs, Woods + Dangaran’s Desert Palisades sits elevated and defiant of its raw and unyielding natural surrounds.

The linear and low-lying form presents as an unexpected structure within the landscape yet also fits perfectly in this particular context. Surrounded by boulders and spanning a natural arroyo, the clean and controlled lines of the resulting home lift it above the existing site yet still enable it to retain a powerful connection to the earth.

Within the exterior walls of earth-toned plaster, an interior of refinement awaits. The tension of contrasts is what also strengthens the home, with thick and weighted walls anchoring the home to the site and expansive glazing that allows clear and uninterrupted visual reminders of context to balance one another.


This article is a preview of ‘Desert Refuge’ featured inside the latest issue of est magazine, Sense of Place

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