The home of interior designer Amelda Wilde is a testament to her penchant for preservation and the beauty of atmospheric experience.

Having swept up a plethora of industry awards this year for her residential work, Amelda Wilde understands what constitutes a well-designed space. She and her partner lived in their 1930s Californian Bungalow for more than a decade before finally completing what is now their dream home, celebrating the creative expertise between them.

Located in regional Victoria, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the couple instantly fell in love with the existing house. Inspired to highlight its unique, historic and nostalgic elements, the design approach embraced imperfections as characterful quirks to be reckoned with. “I believe in designing adaptable spaces that will endure generations,” Amelda says. “The charred bricks from many nights by the fire, the dints and scratches on the floorboards and mouldings – all subtle hints of history and families that have lived here before.”

This article is a preview of ‘At Home With Interior Designer Amelda Wilde’ featured inside the latest issue of est magazine, Celebrating 50. 

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