Scandi bedroom decor

Scandi bedroom decor

While I love crisp white walls, I do have a soft spot for wallpaper, especially in a bedroom. Wallpaper can transform a bedroom from a bland space in to a cosy, warm and dreamy space which is exactly what you want a bedroom to feel like. I’m not talking about bright coloured wallpaper or anything over the top but instead simple patterns and prints inspired by nature and the colours found in nature. Scandinavian bedrooms often feature this kind of wallpaper which adds a soft, romantic vibe to the bedroom.

Another benefit of nature-inspired wallpaper is that it’s an easy and effective way of bringing the outdoors in which a key part of Scandinavian interior design. It also adds a lot of depth to the room and creates a mood that is romantic, calm and cosy. So if you’re drawn to wallpaper, these dreamy Scandi bedrooms will inspire you. And you’ll see that there are lots of ways to make wallpaper work, depending on your decor style.

romantic Scandinavian bedroom
The beautiful floral wallpaper paired with all the wooden touches creates such a warm and romantic mood in this bedroom. The colours of the bed linen reflect the colours on the wallpaper to create a cohesive feel. Choosing a fairly dark wallpaper also adds an extra layer of cosy to the bedroom.


minimal wall mural in bedroom

When you don’t want to wallpaper a whole room, a wall mural is a great way to add interest to one wall. This bedroom has a simple, pared back wall mural in soft tones that adds texture and depth to this minimalist room. The blue-grey gradient is subtle and reminiscent of the sky. Even if your taste leans minimalist, adding a backdrop like this can create that dreamy mood in your bedroom. There are plenty of Scandinavian wall murals that you can choose from whether you prefer a bolder or subtler look.


romantic wallpaper ideas in bedroom
The pale green wallpaper in this bedroom is detailed yet subtle. The wallpaper pairs so well with the rattan furniture in this Scandi bedroom to create a calming and cosy space. Once again the pale green tone of the wallpaper is seen on the cushions on the bed, which really is a easy design trick to make your space come together effortlessly. The simple round mirror also looks striking against the wallpaper.


cosy Scandi bedroom with wallpaper
Nature inspired wallpaper doesn’t always have to be green — any colour found in nature works but greens, blues, greys and earthy tones tend to be the colours favoured in Scandi bedrooms. If you prefer neutral tones, shades of beige and brown can work just as well like in this bedroom. The design is very much inspired by the outdoors with leaves and rabbits but the white and soft beige tones keep the look muted. The saturated terracotta bed linen goes really well with the wallpaper and provides a nice contrast.


Scandinavian bedrooms with nature wallpaper

For something a bit more dramatic, a bold green wallpaper or wall mural works really well. While the wallpaper in this bedroom is bold, it’s been paired only with lots of white and neutral greys. Also, just a part of the wall has been wallpapered. This prevents the wallpaper from becoming overwhelming and instead creates a bold romantic vibe. Adding a piece of art adds even more depth and dimension to a wallpapered room but you have to be careful when picking art that works with wallpaper as you don’t want a clash.


Scandinavian bedroom decor

This leafy wallpaper adds a fresh yet romantic touch to this bedroom. Opting for a small single-coloured pattern with lots of white in the design, means that you get a more subtle look. This wallpaper has been paired with neutral tones like browns and greys to keep the look pared back and fresh.


dark wallpaper in bedroom

Nothing says romantic quite like a moody and dark bedroom which is another look you can go for with wallpaper. This bedroom is papered in a dark blue floral wallpaper which envelopes the room in warmth and creates a cocooning feeling, ideal for a bedroom. Once again the print is simple using just a couple of shades of blue with some grey but it’s the lighter tones that keep the look from becoming too dark.

While wallpaper isn’t for everyone, it can add so much to a room and it’s easy look to achieve. If you love Scandi decor with a more romantic or dreamy vibe, then nature inspired wallpaper could work really well in your bedroom. With so much choice out there for wallpaper and wall murals, you can opt for a subtle, minimal look or you can go for a bolder look, depending on your personal preference.

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