white cake on white cake stand with thyme bunny ears on top of cake with thyme stems wrapped around base of cake

Another simple Easter craft! And I’m loving this one…probably because it involves cake! This thyme bunny ear cake topper is so simple to make. It’s a great way to easily transform a store bought (or homemade) cake into an Easter cake.

This craft was inspired by the thyme cake topper Caitlin made for my 40th birthday party cake. (You can see a video tutorial of that here). And by my love of dressing up store bought cakes. And just my love of cake in general.

thyme bunny ears on top of white frosted cake

Supplies for Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper:

Watch the video (or see the steps below) to see how to make the thyme bunny ear cake topper:


  • Start by cutting floral wire. The length will vary, depending on the size of your cake and how tall you’d like the bunny ears to be.
  • I cut two pieces and twisted them together, just to make the ears a little stronger. 
  • Shape the wire into a bunny ear, and twist the bottom together, making sure you have a long enough end to stick into the cake. 
  • You can hold the ear up next to the cake, to make sure it’s the size you’d like. The shape of the ear doesn’t have to be perfect, you can reshape it a little as you’re putting the thyme stems on.
  • Cut some smaller pieces of floral wire to use to attach the thyme with.
  • Find the pieces of thyme that fit best with your ear shape. Some of my thyme stems were slightly curved at the top, so they worked perfectly for this.
  • Attach the thyme stem to the wire bunny ear using the smaller pieces of floral wire, securing it in a couple places. 
  • Repeat the process and make a second bunny ear.
  • Stick your ears into the cake, and if you’d like, you can decorate the base of the cake with additional thyme stems. 
white cake with thyme bunny ear cake topper on top of cake with thyme stems wrapped around base of cake

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