DIY marble magnets

DIY marble magnets

Marble is one of my favourite materials. Not only does it work beautifully in minimalist homes but it has a timeless elegance that’s hard to beat. So when I wanted some new fridge/noticeboard magnets, I decided to go for marble.

I did a quick google search for marble magnets and turns out they’re pretty expensive. Despite being expensive many are tiny while others are very thin so don’t look quite so good. There are also lots of cheaper faux marble magnets out there but I wanted real marble so I decided to make my own.

The good news is that these DIY marble magnets couldn’t be easier to make and they cost next to nothing. I got some hexagon marble tile samples — I only had to pay for postage — and some strong mini magnets.

My hexagon tiles are large, solid and so beautiful. As a result my marble magnets look so much more expensive than they are.

how to make marble magnets

DIY marble magnets with a minimal look

hexagon marble mosaic tiles*
strong magnets (US readers here)
strong glue (US readers here)

*Mine are mosaic tiles but they’re larger mosaics with each tile measuring just under 5 cms (2 inches). I wouldn’t recommend going much smaller than this — this size allows the marble to stand out as it makes a sizeable magnet.

Start by removing the mesh backing from the tiles. I then sanded the backs to get rid of any bits of mesh that wouldn’t come off. Some of my tiles had a few rough edges so I gently sanded those too.

Then I simply glued my magnets to the backs of the tiles. I already had some small (but strong) magnets so I used those but I  glued two on each tile because the tiles are heavy so I wanted to make sure they didn’t fall off my magnetic board and crash in to pieces.

If you have large magnets that are strong, one will probably do.

fridge magnets diy chic marble magnets diy make your own fridge magnets

I found a local tile supplier for my tiles – I loved the greige veining in the marble so opted for these. But you can of course choose any colour marble you like.

The tiles I found are absolutely beautiful and very high quality. So the only thing I would say is look around for the best real marble tiles you can find. I had to pay for postage for mine which was just over £3 but often you can get a few samples for free and thats all you need.

Here’s a short video of the making of these DIY marble magnets

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