Smooth expanses of white marble and fashion-forward furniture design give this neoclassical home interior its incredible style. Visualised by Young Just Vision, this luxurious home offers large and light-filled living spaces that each have a unique twist. Open doorways and dynamic divides give this residence a wonderful open flow, which feels like an invitation to wander, explore, and socialise. Multifunctional rooms avoid labels, and instead offer flexible spaces in which to coexist without boundaries or limits. There is also a plethora of luxurious bedroom design inspiration from four extraordinary decor schemes, which include an enormous master suite with its own TV lounge, dressing room, and workspace.

The double-height living room features a classical ceiling treatment, whilst modern furniture fills the floor. A spectacular modern living room chandelier is anchored around an ornate ceiling rose, where it fills the upper void with a stark black sculptural form.

A grey living room rug holds together the contemporary furniture arrangement, which consists of two white tufted sofas and a contrasting ink lounge chair.

Artwork is propped casually behind the tufted sofa, where it adds a splash of culture and eye-catching form.

Classical wainscotting clads the lower half of the living room wall. The panels give the white decor scheme a formal yet cosy essence.

A chic ​​living room floor lamp arcs over one end of a tufted sofa, where it provides focused task lighting. Recessed LEDs line the perimeter of the room to create an atmospheric glow.

Different flooring marks a change in zone. The wood herringbone flooring of the living room is swapped out for luxurious white marble to define a reading nook.

A bright red accent chair punctuates the standalone space. Built-in bookshelves are moodily backlit by LED strip lights.

The comfortable reading chair is teamed with a small side table and a slender floor reading lamp to complete the ensemble.

A pedestal sink area is cocooned by wood cladding over the walls and ceiling.

In the formal dining room, a round pedestal dining table is encircled by regal green and gold dining chairs. A white marble feature wall complements the beautiful marble tabletop.

A large ceiling rose with round moulding mirrors the wide circular tabletop.

This multifunctional room serves as a sitting room, kitchen, casual eating area, and workspace.

The extraordinary sculptural sofa is the Edra Pack Sofa, which depicts a soft polar bear lying on an ice floe. A modern fireplace flickers beside it, creating an irresistible spot to curl up in for a warm bear hug.

Indoor plants introduce attractive greenery to the white and wood decor scheme.

Illuminated shelving units burn brightly around the window wall. A marble sink unit is installed at one side of the room, whilst kitchen cabinets fill the opposite wall.

Classical white wainscotting creates a tailored look in the lounge area, whilst smooth, handle-free white units make up the modern kitchen.

The island/workspace stands on a clear acrylic support, which leaves the window view and natural light unobstructed.

Clear acrylic chairs pay the same clear complement to the gorgeous view.

The double workspace faces outside to make the most of the panorama.

Out in the hallway, white marble floods the floor and a decorative hearth. Built-in wardrobes offer generous storage areas.

A marble basin cuts across a decorative wall mirror. A freestanding tap is poised elegantly at the side.

The stunning hallway stands open to the kitchen area. A ribbon of LED light safely illuminates a change in floor height.

A TV lounge is furnished with a stylish biscuit-tufted sofa and a modern lounge chair.

A convenient wet bar is tucked away into the corner.

On the ceiling, a shutter opens up to reveal a glass roof and the mesmerising skyscape.

A golden arch-shaped shelf unit adds shape to a plain white wall. Fluted glass doors add en vogue texture.

The TV lounge is part of the master bedroom suite.

Inside the neoclassical bedroom, a tufted bed is wrapped by a whimsical tree-themed headboard mural.

At the foot of the bed, a tufted vanity chair pulls up at a floating dressing table. A full-length mirror drops behind, where it reflects natural light from the adjacent window.

An open doorway leads from the sleeping quarters into a spacious dressing room. A modern chaise and small side table make a charming rest area by the window.

A central island utilises the centre of the large dressing room.

Glass closets are backlit to illuminate garment shelves and rails.

A private home workspace with a built-in desk is tucked around the corner. Illuminated shelves brighten the cosy nook. A sapphire blue upholstered desk chair adds a pop of rich colour.

Another aisle of closets branches off the home workspace, creating a huge amount of clothes and accessories storage.

The second bedroom in the home is coloured by an emerald green upholstered bed. A half-height headboard wall divides the room between the sleep space and a dressing area.

The headboard also morphs into a bespoke desk design across the bedroom window. A modern floor lamp casts magical light play at the opposite end of the room.

A change in floor height helps to define the different zones of the room.

The third bedroom design is dominated by a home workspace that fills one entire wall.

The final bedroom is divided from its entryway by a contemporary smoked glass wardrobe.

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