A secluded and unhurried hospitality experience unfolds within a centuries-old French estate.

Within the storied walls of Câlin Valreas, overlooking a landscape of mountains and rolling vineyards, there is a sense of being lost, with no desire to be found.

The property, consisting of three separate yet interconnected guest houses, rests on a sequestered patch of land in France’s Vaucluse region, in the commune of Valreas. The hosts, a Belgian couple named Ilhem and Michael, had been re-visiting the area for more than 20 years before they came across this particular estate. “We immediately felt its potential as a restful and invigorating location to be appreciated by family, friends and other kindred spirits; a place to isolate and completely immerse oneself in nature,” Ilhem says.

This article is a preview of ‘Storied Walls’ featured inside the latest issue of est magazine, Celebrating 50. 

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