Danish design brand &Tradition just released a new collection of products in their autumn and winter update and the images are such a source of inspiration for the classy modern home. While the new collection has some really nice pieces, the Colette table lamp (€ 249*$565*)made out of linen is definitely my favorite.

Colette table lamp in linen by &Tradition


About the design

The subtle, yet unique piece is named after the pioneering French author known as ‘Colette’. The table lamp has a modern aesthetic enhanced by the tactility of the materials. The crisp off-white cotton and linen table lamp base and shade let the light through in a very subtle way and spreads a soft glow throughout the space. The silhouette of the Colette lamp is finished off with a black or Merlot trim, which accentuates the silhouette of the design.

A minimal table lamp as the finishing touch to a modern interior

A decorative lamp can be the missing element that finishes off your Scandinavian interior design. In the interior pictures below, I think the white table lamp really stands out among the other design pieces, and the trim functions as a beautiful outline of the lamp from far away or close by. Whether you are decorating your office or looking for the missing table lamp for your living room, this design is a beautiful option.

&Tradition always has such inspiring product images and even though the design of the Colette table lamp speaks for itself, it’s the way the table lamp has been styled that speaks to me the most. I love the way the Merlot trim lamp has been styled with the same color side table, it’s such a nice touch to let the color come back like this. The black and white version is the perfect fit for the minimal interior and I think the strong contrast between the trim and the white linen makes the design even more expressive. The black and white version even reminds a bit about the brand’s popular Formakami series which has such a contrasting effect as well.

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