Blue is beautiful in all shades and works well in every area of the home, including the dining room. Whether your preference is a formal dining room where you can impress guests, or a casual eating spot for family, blue decor will set the right scene. Dark blue, navy, and deep teal typically create a rich and sophisticated theme, whereas lighter shades and aquas offer a bright and breezy look. Complementary accent colours can be employed to conjure character and added interest, and patterned elements change the aesthetic completely. In this collection, we’ll look at 40 blue dining room designs with tips and ideas to help you design yours.

Designer: Traci Connell Interiors  

Royal blue and yellow decor go hand in hand to create an upbeat scheme. Sunshine yellow elements effectively offset deep blue shades to create visual balance. In this vibrant dining room design, hot pink table lamps add an extra pop of fun.

Designer: Hilderbrand Interiors  

Muted blues appear elegant in a traditional dining room design. Use these shades to solidly cover tall walls of wainscotting and deeply coffered ceilings.

Designer: Dabito  

In this royal blue and yellow dining room example, wooden dining chairs complement the sunny yellow splashes in a brightly patterned dining room rug. A mid century modern dining table, abstract artwork, and a fiddle leaf fig build upon the characterful ensemble.

Designer: Sage Design  

Use aqua blue paintwork to contradict traditional decor features. Engulf coving and columns with the bright hue to achieve a seamless feature wall.

Designer: Dibico Construction  

Elegant wallpaper gives a blue dining room a classic feel. Choose delicate botanical motifs to create elegant charm.

Designer: Fiona Duke Interiors  

Fashion a Scandi-style blue-grey dining room. Add soft faux fur rugs to the backs of wooden dining chairs. Keep dining table centrepieces simple.

Via: Houzz  

Add a dash of the unexpected. These unique wooden dining chairs feature bright blue detailing. Blue ombre vases delightfully colour a wooden bookcase, which backs onto jaunty blue tweed wallpaper.

Visualizer: Madiha Butt  

Apply golden accents onto a dark blue dining room scheme to achieve a luxurious aesthetic.

Designer: Etch Design Group  

Lay down a blue dining room rug to firmly anchor your colour scheme in place. Tie the shade of your rug and your wall paint together in a pivotal piece of tonal artwork.

Designer: Plaid Fox  

Add geometric detailing onto a blue dining room feature wall with a series of wood slats, a measuring tape, and a whole lot of patience. This dining room chandelier has a cool DIY appeal too. Petrol blue paint shades fetch a particularly contemporary appeal.

Designer: Decor Direct Interiors  

Green and blue dining rooms carry a certain freshness and vitality. Add a plethora of patterns and your decor scheme will keep you feeling energised, even after a heavy meal.

Designer: Forrester Roberts Interior Design  

In smaller dining areas, pale blue paint shades create a feeling of space and airness. This cute dining nook features an offbeat splash of red to shake things up.

Designer: Pink Door Designs  

Design an overlay of golden stripes for your blue feature wall to achieve a dazzling dinner time focal point.

Designer: Hope Lucia Design  

This Scandi style dining room pairs a royal blue statement wall with a fresh white and natural wood dining set. The result is crisp, calm, and utterly inviting.

Designer: Chelsea Lauren Interiors  

Install matt black accents to give your blue scheme a weighty, contemporary aesthetic. This black circle chandelier visually anchors an open plan dining area.

Designer: Valeriy Artimovets  

Dark grey-blue decor gives a dining area a dramatic presence, no matter how small the size.

Designer: Studio Thunder House  

This neoclassical dining room design employs grey-blue walls to complement soft grey drapes and dining chairs.

Visualizer: Anastasia Martyshevskaya  

Light blue walls pay perfect complement to a sunlight-filled space.

Designer: Tatyana Shevchenko   

A botanical mural with a sky blue background will make you feel as though you are dining outdoors in the fresh air. Here, a green dining room rug suggests a “lawn” underfoot.

Designer: ARCHEA Ltd  

Construct a blue wraparound paint effect that climbs the wall and fills the ceiling. A cocoon of colour builds a cosy, sheltered feel.

Designer: Pamela Harvey Interiors  

Choose light, muted shades of blue to build a subtle perimeter around highly decorative dining room furniture and ornate crystal chandeliers.

Designer: Austin Patterson Disston Architects  

These ornate dining chairs are made even more beautiful with blue floral upholstery. A blue dining room rug complements the chair design.

Designer: Pamela Harvey Interiors  

Don’t forget to bring your colour theme to the table. A large blue decorative vase makes an eye-catching statement.

Visualizer: Home Design HD-m2  

Disrupt a pale blue palette with a large statement pendant light, like this fabulous glossy red design.

Designer: Pamela Harvey Interiors  

Make an instant change to an existing blue dining room by inviting a garden of greenery inside. Complement your indoor plants with botanical wall art and floral curtains.

Designer: INÁ Arquitetura  

Team turquoise blue paintwork with the rich warmth of a wood parquet floor.

Designer: Pamela Harvey Interiors  

Use a sky blue hue to break open a dining room ceiling, as though the roof opened up to the sky itself.

Designer: Overmyer Architects  

Built-in bookcases make a characterful backdrop for an eclectic dining room design. Colour-match them to the walls, window frames, and ceiling to create a bold colour-blocked aesthetic.

Designer: Farrow & Ball  

Duck egg blue smooths a calm and serene dining room scene.

Visualizer: Shubochkini Architects  

In this concept, a blue finish is used to define a dining bar from a more formal dining table. A narrow focal wall and a blue dining table centrepiece cohesively tie the look together.

Designer: Jorge Pardo  

Keep all the colour for the windows to create a theatrical view.

Designer: Olesya Fedorenko  
Visualizer: Vizline Studio  

This formal dining nook gains a sophisticated feel from a teal and grey wall combo.

Designer: Masquespacio  

Call in a riot of red accents to excite an aqua blue palette.

Designer: Jennifer Ribek  

Homeowners often match the carpet to the drapes, but how about matching the ceiling to the drapes?

Designer: Benavides Design House  

Create a layer cake of colour with a blue ceiling, wall art, and matching area rug.

Designer: Paige Pierce Design  

Fill two layers of colour with a delicious pattern.

Designer: Gina Sims Design  

A pale duck egg blue and white palette conjures an ethereal look.

Visualizer: Robert Rocha  

Combine cobalt blue elements with warm terracotta to style a dining room with warm depths.

Architect: O’Neill Rose Architects  

Construct a blue partition wall to give an open plan dining area its own bright identity.

Visualizer: Stephanie Brown Inc.  

Create an artistic look with a bold geometric dining room rug, dazzling lighting, and quirky wall art.

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