Welcome to Djupedalsgatan 6 in Linnéstaden, a stunning example of Scandinavian interior design with attention to detail. This 872 square feet (81 sqm) corner apartment is a masterpiece of light and space, offering a majestic living room with an impressive 11 feet (3.25 m) ceiling height and four large windows that bathe the room in natural light from two directions​​​​. I love corner apartments for the natural light and views they offer. It is admirable how the Scandinavians make a small space look so comfortable and spacious. This is exactly what happens in this small apartment. Looking at the photos, it’s hard to believe that this is an apartment of only 872 square feet.

Images: Alvhem

Scandinavian Apartment Design 872 square feet (81 sqm)

The Welcoming Hallway

Scandinavian narrow hallway with IKEA BOAXEL open sheving storage system that stretches from floor to ceiling, a neat modern coat rack along with a simple wooden mail sorter, black IKEA KULLABERG stool, an ivory rug runner

As you enter this modern Scandinavian-style apartment, the narrow hallway immediately catches your eye with its smart and effective layout. The hallway greets you with its light hues and original wood plank flooring, setting a tone of warm welcome. The ceiling features recessed spotlights with dimmers, enhancing the ambiance. Right at the entrance, a neat modern coat rack along with a simple wooden mail sorter on the wall shows a commitment to keeping things tidy. This practical setup is made even better with a small, black IKEA KULLABERG stool – ideal for sitting briefly or for setting down a bag.

Moving along, the hallway reveals another coat rack on the opposite wall, ensuring there’s plenty of space for coats and scarves. The standout feature here is the IKEA BOAXEL open storage system that stretches from floor to ceiling. This unit perfectly captures the essence of Scandinavian design – functional yet stylish. The lower shelves hold baskets for organizing bits and bobs, while the upper shelves are home to books and decorative items, making the space feel personal and inviting.


A striking Greek sculpture stands out in this setup, adding a touch of classic elegance and acting as an eye-catching element. This piece beautifully contrasts with the modern vibe of the room.

Two small cozy ivory rug runners lines the hallway, adding warmth and light, making the space seem bigger. At the end of the hall, there’s a large, off-center mirror with a sleek black frame, which creates a sense of depth and bounces light around. Nearby, a white bench with black metal legs offers a handy spot for sitting while putting on shoes or as a place to drop off bags and accessories.

The Living Room: A Statement of Elegance

Discovering the Charm of Scandinavian Apartment Design

The living room, spanning over 30 sqm, is a testament to the apartment’s grandeur. High skirting boards, ceiling rosettes, and preserved joinery enhance the room’s character. The room’s height allows the eye to wander up to the intricately detailed ceiling ornaments. The walls, painted in Jotun’s “Timeless,” add to the room’s classic appeal.

Modern Scandinavian living room with modern deep seat low gray sofa modern white coffee table and large white lamp lamp mad by bamboo paper

Scandinavian Apartment 872 square feet


Scandinavian Apartment 872 square feet


The Small Dining Area Of the Scandinavian Apartment 872 square feet


In the cozy corner of a small Scandinavian apartment’s living room lies a charmingly eclectic dining area, a testament to the art of Mix And Match Dining Furniture. Central to this space is a small, round dining table crafted from pure oak, its natural wood tones warmly inviting. Complementing this focal piece are a collection of diverse chairs: the sleek, futuristic lines of a white Vitra Panton ergonomic chair, the iconic, airy design of a white BERTOIA Knoll Chair, and two sturdy wood Pure Oak Castor Chairs, their design inspired by the classic chairs found in traditional Swiss cafés. This blend of styles creates a harmonious yet dynamic setting for intimate dining experiences.


Adding to the room’s aesthetic is a greige wall, a sophisticated blend of grey and beige, which serves as a backdrop to a mounted TV, seamlessly integrating technology into the décor. Underfoot, a jute rug lays the foundation of natural texture, complementing the wooden elements of the furniture and flooring. On one side, a striking medium-sized black and white photograph in a white frame captures a moment in time, its monochromatic scheme perfectly accentuating the surrounding neutral tones. The space is further enlivened by a large white-cream vase, elegantly simple in design, cradling three deep purple hydrangeas. Their rich color adds a touch of luxury and a hint of the unexpected, completing this beautifully curated dining corner that epitomizes Scandinavian simplicity married with eclectic charm.


Scandinavian Apartment 872 square feet


The Kitchen: Heart of the Home


The kitchen is accessible through an inner hall, featuring a large window overlooking the tranquil Djupedalsgatan. It accommodates a dining table for 4-6 people. The kitchen design includes white frame doors on the cabinets, a solid oak countertop, and smaller, sand-colored tiles, creating a serene and functional space. Modern appliances and the thoughtful color palette of Jotun’s “Skin” on the walls complement the original plank flooring​​.

A Bedroom that Breathes Space


The bedroom, centrally located, is accessible from the living room, inner hall, and the main hall. The ample window floods the room with light, and the ceiling height gives a sense of openness. The walls, painted in Jotun’s “Raw Canvas,” and the original plank flooring create a cozy yet spacious feel. The room accommodates a double bed, nightstands, and additional furniture like a sideboard or armchair​​.



A Bathroom Blending Tradition and Modernity


Renovated in 2021, the bathroom combines traditional elegance with modern functionality. Victorian-style black and broken white tiles, heated floors, and well-thought-out fixtures create a stylish yet practical space. The partially built-in washing machine adds convenience, while open white shelves provide storage for toiletries and personal items​​.


In Conclusion, Djupedalsgatan 6 in Linnéstaden is a beautiful example of Scandinavian inerior design. This 81 sqm corner apartment has a spacious living room with tall ceilings and big windows. The hallway is bright and welcoming with practical storage. The kitchen is cozy with modern appliances and a dining area. The bathroom combines traditional and modern styles, renovated in 2021. The living room is large, with classic décor and space for dining. The bedroom is roomy and well-lit, offering comfort and style. Overall, this home beautifully blends simplicity, functionality, and natural elements, typical of Scandinavian design.

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