Design Monat Graz 2024: A Celebration of Creativity Returns to Ignite the Senses

To all design enthusiasts we’re thrilled to dive back into one of our favorite events of the year: Design Monat Graz is making a triumphant return in 2024. If you’ve been following our journey, you may recall our previous features on this extraordinary festival that captivated our senses and ignited our passion for design.

Design Month Graz is a dynamic convergence of the local creative industries, compacting their energy into a month-long spectacle that radiates visibility to the world outside the creative industry. This annual event plays a pivotal role in firmly establishing creative industries in the public consciousness. Acting as a becon for innovation, Design Month Graz offers a platform for projects ranging from the experimental to the commercial. It serves to redefine the perception of design beyond mere aesthetics (design as styling) by emphasizing its economic significance (design as a developmental and value-added process). Moreover, the festival underscores the transformative influence of design on both the economy and society, transcending conventional notions and fostering a deeper understanding of its multifaceted impact.

Design Month Graz is a collaborative effort with the active participation of various local partners, under the overarching brand of “design month”. The coordination and organization of Design Month Graz are spearheaded by The Creative Industries Styria. This initiative encapsulates a diverse and comprehensive spectrum, ranging from independent initiatives by designers to significant local design training institutions. In doing so, it fosters synergies and facilitates collaboration between the creative industries and more traditional corporate entities. The result is a dynamic and harmonious amalgamation of creativity, innovation, and partnership.

Design Month Graz 2024

From May 4 to June 2, 2024, Design Month Graz will be dedicated entirely to the theme “What Now!?” For one month, it will once again highlight the range of services offered by the design scene in the City of Design Graz. A dense and varied program of exhibitions, lectures, presentations, guided tours and much more will bring the value and importance of design to the public. Become part of Design Month Graz 2024!

Design Month Graz 2023 was all about revolution. A look back.

The focus topic: What Now!?

Our world is in upheaval. Crises and uncertainties dominate. The time for lip service is over. The question is “What now!?” – what to do? What is needed now? The what and how of previous answers are not enough. We need a different what, a new how. We need new and different answers – solutions, visions and methods that offer a way out. What potential can we offer to counter the dystopias? One thing is clear: Not one discipline alone will “save the world”. It needs the creative power of many – it needs idea generators and implementers in many areas.

SAVE THE DATE for the Grand Opening

Save the Date! On May 3, Design Month will kick off a month full of exciting exhibitions, guided tours and workshops with the Grand Opening.

Details on the opening and the Design Month program will follow. Stay tuned!

Grand Opening
May 3rd, 2024

Hornig Areal
Waagner-Biro-Straße 39-41
8020 Graz

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