how to decorate with books

how to decorate with books

Books make great decor. By having them on display you can add character and interest to a space whether thats a bedroom, living room or a kitchen. It doesn’t always have to be a lot of books, even a couple is often enough. And by books, I also mean beautiful magazines, especially if you collect them.

Books are personal so they tell your story and show off your style. Most of us have many books — coffee table books, cookbooks, novels and more — so why not decorate with them. I’m sharing nine simple ways for decorating with books so they double as decor — I use many of these ways in my home because I love having books dotted around everywhere.

display books like art

Decorating with books: 9 simple ways to display your books

1. show off books on shelves

I’m not talking about regular bookshelves stacked with books library-style, but instead books that are displayed with intention. This could mean having a few small stacks of books or maybe an open book or two. By doing it this way, you get to see and appreciate each book which will add to your living room decor or bedroom decor. I also like to mix in other decor like candles, vases, sculptures to create a display.

2. use books as art

This is one of my favourite ways of decorating with books because books are art. Instead of shelving them with only their spines showing, pull out your most beautiful ones and lean them on a shelf so that their fronts can be seen and appreciated. This will add so much to your decor and you can change up the look by switching up the books whenever you want to.

pile of books as decor how to use books as decor bedside table books

3. style a bench with books

A bench is another great place to display books. Whether that’s in an entryway, living room or bedroom, any bench, small or large, will benefit from a few books on display.

4. stack up a pile on the floor

Just like you might lean a piece of art on the floor, you can pile up a stack of books or create multiple stacks of books on the floor They look great and add instant decor. You can even stack up a pile next to your bed and use it as a small table.

display books on a bench dining table decorated with books coffee table styling

5. leave cookbooks on a kitchen counter or island

Most of us own a few cookbooks at least so why not show them off in our kitchens? A cookbook leaning on a kitchen counter or lying on a kitchen island looks great and adds a lovely decorative touch to the space.

6. display books on a dining table

Dining tables are a great place to display books especially if you have a dining table that’s only used occasionally. I eat in my kitchen everyday so my main dining table is barely used. Instead of leaving it bare, I have a few books on display as well as some flowers or candles so it looks styled and adds to the rest of the room. But even if it’s used daily, if space permits, add a few books anyway.

chair with books decorating with books books in basket decor

7. stack a few on your desk

If you have a desk at home, it’s probably got a laptop or desktop on it but why not add a few books or magazines too? Beyond decor, they’ll give you some inspiration too.

8. display them in a basket

I don’t see books displayed in baskets much but why not? I do it in my home and I love the look. A shallow basket with a few favourite books is a perfect little decor accent especially in a living room.

styled bookshelf

9. display them on a coffee table

This might seem obvious and even feel like it’s overdone but there’s a reason for that – coffee tables and books, especially coffee table books just go together. It’s an effortless way to add some interest to any coffee table. And you can vary the look by having a book open on your favourite page.

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