After living in the heart of Paris for several years, designer David Jimenez spent 2 years searching for a country home for weekend retreats. He ended finding a place so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. It is an expansive 8-room private apartment in a centuries-old manor house on the grounds of a 16th century château near the village of Saintines, on hour north of Paris. It is decorated in classical David style – filled with layer upon layer of the most beautiful antiques and textiles and lighting. (Photos via Veranda, by Xavier Bejot)

He recently launched a book, Parisian by Design, published by Rizzoli who kindly sent me a copy and this is a MUST HAVE book. Featuring several of his design projects and sooo much more, I devoured it in an afternoon and was quite smitten with it. There is a photo of the castle and its moat that alone is worth every cent this book is being offered for. (Find it on Amazon here)