One of my favourite touches to add as edging to whatever crochet project I am finishing on, is picots. These tiny, pointy peaks make everything more cheerful, richer, lively and appealing. But maybe this is just my perception as I have often witnessed crocheters detesting them. Yes, they are tedious to crochet and maybe some people get bored, but I don’t. 
It always amazes me how a simple chain can yield so much beauty.
Three-chain picots are the ones I use the most, five-chain being the wildest I have ever gotten. 
If you are wondering how to crochet a picot, it’s quite easy. You chain a number of stitches and then slip stitch in the last stitch (of that chain) from the hook and voila! A picot is made.

Here’s a selection of my picotted work. 


How do you feel about picots?