Visualized by Aleksey Uljanochkin and Alexander Savinov, this 145 square-meter home interior exemplifies a contemporary approach to cozy living, skillfully integrating a natural materials palette of wood, stone, wool, and linen. The tranquil design ethos revolves around a soothing color palette, featuring nuances of white, beige, light gray, and rich terracotta. Here, simplicity and minimalism reign supreme, with every piece of furniture and decor thoughtfully chosen to seamlessly blend and complement compact spaces. Black accents punctuate the design, offering a striking contrast that sharply elevates the aesthetic. Stay tuned for floor plans at the end of the home tour to glean practical layout inspiration.

The small living room is filled by a snug-fitting L-shaped modular sofa arrangement. A swing arm wall lamp extends over the seating, providing targetted task lighting.

Wood wall panels build a brief statement wall behind the sectional sofa. The panels coordinate with matching cladding across the adjacent TV wall.

A terracotta-colored tufted ottoman makes a vibrant statement that ties in with a warm wood-tone coffee table. Small decorative bowls and a stack of coffee table books make up an ornamental table centerpiece.

Cool gray stone slabs overlay the wood-paneled TV wall, creating a textural composition. A low, white media console unit draws a clean underline, freshly contrasting the natural material palette.

Sliding doors connect the living room seating area with a formal dining room and open-plan kitchen. Two large dining room pendant lights make an eye-catching pair.

Cool gray upholstered dining chairs are warmly contrasted by terracotta-colored counterparts at the head and foot of the dining table.

An assortment of decorative vases make up a simple but attractive dining table centerpiece. Large format gray floor tiles make a seamless connection between the dining room and the kitchen.

A linear suspension light boldly illuminates a central kitchen island with breakfast bar. A modern fruit bowl and a ceramic vase add simple adornments to the stone countertop.

Three black bar stools pull up at the small dining bar, anchoring the light decor scheme. White kitchen cabinets draw an L-shaped installation around the perimeter. Wooden wall cabinets provide visual warmth.

A wood accent wall pulls natural texture into the master bedroom. The feature wall is highlighted by a ribbon of soft LED illumination. See more inspiration for wooden accent walls.

Wood nightstands flank the light gray upholstered bed. A dark gray bedroom rug and a matching gray comforter build tonal layers.

A black bedroom pendant light is suspended over one of the nightstands, while the other is lit by a stylish black glass bedside table lamp.

A terracotta vanity chair furnishes the bedroom vanity area.

Smoked glass wardrobe doors subtly tint the homeowner’s fashion collection.

The walk in wardrobe is fitted with a comprehensive range of clothing rails, garment shelves, shoe racks, and chests of drawers.

At the foot of the bed, a TV wall is textured with fluted gypsum panels. A wall-mounted wooden media unit forms a contemporary pairing with a slimline floating vanity unit.

In the bathroom, a split-level floor treatment raises the bathtub and shower enclosure.

Racetrack-shaped bathroom mirrors are backlit, creating an atmospheric glow above a contemporary wood vanity unit. Matt black faucets fill a pair of modern vessel basins. A black towel heater keeps bathroom linens dry and cozy. Face towels can be neatly stocked on a shelf below the double sink vanity.

Built-in storage houses fresh towels, toiletries, and other bathroom sundries behind smooth wood-effect doors.

Coordinating wooden doors cover extra storage opportunities inside the toilet cistern concealment wall.

A wall-hung bidet and toilet set keep the floor clear, amplifying a sense of spaciousness.

In the kid’s bedroom, a strong black and light gray color scheme builds contrast. An upholstered gray bed is softly padded around the perimeter, creating a comfortable hangout spot. See more ideas for kids’ beds.

A gray bedroom rug softens the wooden floor treatment.

Over by the window, a floating desk is integrated with a tower of bookshelves and a run of fitted wardrobes. A window seat with storage ends underneath the work surface, creating an overlapping arrangement.

The black desk and shelving unit make a dark contradiction with pale gray wardrobe doors. Modern wall sconces spread bright illumination.

The modern home office has a range of wooden storage units that wrap around a sleek black desk design. Razor-sharp wall shelves display an assortment of collectible car models.

A black swivel chair commands the room. Sculptural black vases make subtle silhouettes against an equally dark backdrop.

A green tufted chair provides a spot for quiet reading and contemplation. A slimline black floor lamp and a small side table complete the stylish reading nook.

The powder room is finished with slate gray wall tiles and fresh white paneling. Black bathroom fittings add a contemporary edge.

Built-in storage units and shelves keep the small room free from clutter. Mood lighting sends out a golden glow.

A custom-made white vanity unit fits the width of the small room perfectly. Two deep drawers make extra storage space underneath.

From the apartment floor plan, we can see that the home workspace is tucked back from the noise and activity in the main living space. All bathrooms are accessible to guests, who can gain entry right off the home entryway. The kitchen and dining spaces form the heart of the home.

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