beige bedroom decor ideas

beige bedroom decor ideas

If I had to choose only one colour for a bedroom forever, it would be beige. Beige is calming, warm and cosy — exactly the kind of feelings you want to evoke in a bedroom. A bedroom is a place for winding down, a place for relaxing and of course sleeping. And beige walls will help you do just that.

There are lots of different shades of beige to choose from, from the palest of hues to the darkest. And like all paint colours, beige paints have undertones like grey, green, red and more. Choosing the right shade of paint for your bedroom will come down to personal preference, the lighting in your room and the other tones in the room. But you can’t go wrong with beige, no matter the shade you choose. It’s such a soothing colour that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Once you see these beautiful beige bedrooms, I think might be tempted to paint your bedroom beige. I’ve suggested some beige paint colours at the end in case you need some inspiration to find your perfect beige tone.

cosy and calm beige bedrooms ideas

very light beige bedroom walls light beige bedroom walls very light beige bedroom

pale beige bedroom ideas

All three of these bedrooms have just a tiny hint of colour on the walls. Even though the beige is so pale it still gives the bedrooms plenty of warmth. This kind of a light beige paint colour is ideal for those who love white walls but want something a little cosier. White walls can make a bedroom feel cold if not done right so this is an easy way to make your bedroom feel more cocooning.

In all three bedrooms the pale beige walls are accented with darker beige decor which makes the beige walls stand out more. There are also black accents with plenty of white decor throughout. Beige with black and white accents is one of the best colour combos as the beige, even when very pale, really makes the black and white pop.


greige walls in bedroom greige bedroom grey beige bedroom

greige bedroom ideas

Greige can be a beige colour with grey undertones or a grey with beige undertones. It’s essentially a mix of grey and beige. This is a great wall colour for those who like grey but want some warmth. A plain grey can sometimes look a bit too cool, especially for a bedroom. The best part of greige walls is that you can combine it with beige accents to make the beige undertone look more prominent or combine with grey to accentuate the grey undertones.

Greige is also a colour that goes with so many other colours. While black and white accents work really well here, you can easily add in other tones like deep mustard, muted greens and blush or nude tones. It’s worth mentioning that choosing a greige paint can be a bit tricky because, depending on the lighting in your room, the paint can look more grey or more beige. So it’s always worth testing paints to make sure you like the colour you’ll end up with, whether that’s more grey or more beige.


room styling with beige walls moody beige walls in bedroom dark beige bedroom ideas

dark beige bedroom ideas

Dark beige walls in a bedroom are so cosy and inviting. Beige has a lot of warmth and when you use a dark shade, it makes it even cosier. Being enveloped in dark beige creates a cocooning atmosphere and who doesn’t want that from a bedroom? Dark beige comes in so many shades and will have undertones, as with all paint. You can get dark beige paints with reddish undertones, green undertones, grey undertones and so much more. As you can see from the pics above, they’re all dark beige but each one has different undertones giving a different look.

Dark beige goes particularly well with crisp whites — both the white and the beige really pop. But, depending on the undertone you choose, there are lots of tones that work well with dark beige walls including deep terracottas, dark blues, muted rusts and more. If you prefer a bedroom with darker walls, then a dark beige could work really well.


beige Scandinavian bedroom cosy beige walls beige bedroom decorating ideas

mid beige bedroom ideas

Last, but not least, is a medium beige tone that’s somewhere in between the lightest and darkest beiges. A medium beige can lean towards a lighter shade or a darker beige or be neither dark nor light. As you can imagine, there are lots of beige paint colours in the medium beige range and choosing between them is really about what you like. And much like other beige wall paints, they come with different undertones.

Decorating opportunities are plenty with mid beige tones as it’s a neutral colour that pairs well with so many colours. Once again, I especially like black and white here perhaps with a hint of one other muted colour.

Decorating a bedroom in beige tones is so calming and soothing. There are so many choices of beige out there that there is something for anyone who likes neutral bedroom decor. I’ve picked out a few shades of beige in case you need some inspiration in finding your perfect beige. As always, don’t forget to test your paints before committing as they can look completely different to what they look like on a screen.

beige paint colours for bedroom

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