Wall colors can enhance an interior so much and take it to the next level. Imagine this beautiful Swedish apartment with all-white walls, it just wouldn’t have the same character, would it? I think the furniture and accessories are selected in a way to either match or contrast the wall colors, which has an impressive effect on the space. The bedroom has a minty green wall color, which comes back in the linen duvet cover, is matched by a darker hue of blue-green in the chair by the window, and is contrasted by the warm beige textiles on the bed. Such a beautiful play between cool and warm in this bedroom.

The living room has a more modest color palette, with tones of beige that light up the darker flooring in this apartment. I love how the green branch stands out against the beige walls and the way the TV has been integrated above a very narrow cupboard that hides all the cables.

While both the living room and bedroom have a very classy and elegant look with the subtle wall colors combined with the wall paneling, the kitchen however has a more rough and rustic touch to it because of the exposed brick wall. I love this contrast between the different rooms.

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Frederik Karlsson for Alvhem

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