Just had a shave biopsy done on the side of my nose after having gone through pretty awful Mohs surgery back in January, and stumbled across this post when looking for info on potential alternative treatment options in the event this biopsy comes back positive, too.

It’s amazing how similar this whole story is to my initial skin cancer experience – from pimple to non-healing scar, to “wait, is this getting bigger?”, to a little bit of concerning bleeding, to finally going to the doctor. Unfortunately for me, it took almost a year to get a positive diagnosis, which meant almost another year the cancer had to grow, and finding out it was the aggressive infiltrative type of BCC to boot. Mohs produced a 2.5” scar running down my right cheek, nestled as close to my nose and mouth as possible in an attempt to reorient the scar (doing so made it longer but better hidden) so it would run vertically within my smile line.

It’s been 5 long months, including a rough initial healing period and now 6 laser treatments with 2 different kinds of lasers. And now I might have it again in a different spot before this one even had a chance to fully heal and fade. It sucks.

But reading this and knowing others have gone through a similar journey, really helps. I’m trying to stay positive and will face it head (or face, quite literally) on again if I have to.

Idk if you still read these comments, but just wanted to thank you for writing this, and hope you’re still doing well.