Neoclassical sophistication meets the modern curve trend in this graceful apartment interior, visualized by ANS Render. A soothing pale neutral palette drifts throughout, embodying a serene aura that promotes peace and comfort. Classic wall molding and intricate ceiling roses pay homage to a bygone era, infusing a sense of regality into the setting. Yet, the scene is brought to life with a curation of contemporary curved furniture and avant-garde lighting fixtures that redefine convention. This juxtaposition creates a unique visual symphony, where curves and straight lines dance together in perfect harmony. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of this seductive design of a past and present coalescence with flawless results.

A stunning ceiling rose creates a high focal point in the living room, introducing the elegant neoclassical theme that flows throughout. A beige sofa and two matching lounge chairs establish a curved theme that gracefully molds each room.

Behind the curved sofa, soft gray drapes meld with color-matched panel-molded walls. A coordinating light gray rug lays beneath the seating, adding velvety texture underfoot and softening the acoustics.

The curved sofa and rounded lounge chairs are complemented by an arched motif in the wall art.

A modern circle chandelier features elaborate botanical detailing, which ties in fabulously with the intricate ceiling rose design.

Two modern wall sconces flank the living room wall art, illuminating it at night.

A contemporary console unit rests underneath the artwork, constructing a sculptural focal point.

Decorative vases make an eye-catching centerpiece on a pair of chic metallic coffee tables. The marble vase holds tall branches, creating impressive height at the heart of the layout.

A decorative wall mirror hangs over a uniquely curved fireplace design. The mantlepiece is laid bare to allow the beautiful surround to breathe and be appreciated. Two more modern wall sconces highlight the refined ensemble.

The curved shape theme pours into the kitchen diner in the form of an inverted arch pendant light. The statement light fitting makes a luxurious pairing with a white marble kitchen island and integrated marble dining table.

Behind the marble kitchen island, kitchen cabinets are finished in a subtle shade of greige, which melds gently with a luxe travertine backsplash and countertop.

Travertine has also been used to create a luxurious framework around the doorway that leads from the living room into the home entryway.

A contemporary black kitchen faucet and electric hob darkly punctuate the light beige travertine backdrop.

Handmade ceramic vases prettily adorn the kitchen area and bring in a touch of Mother Nature’s beauty.

The home entryway is small yet impressive with neoclassical details in every corner. A circular motif boldly decorates the entryway floor.

A sputnik chandelier adds a sharp modern edge to the elegant neoclassical decor scheme. Marbled modern wall sconces flank the front door and highlight two traditionally styled stools.

Moving on into the master bedroom, we find an attention-grabbing piece of 3D relief art forming the focal point above a pale greige upholstered bed. A unique floor lamp is paired with an irresistibly soft bedroom chair to fashion a cozy reading nook.

A plinth-like white marble bedside table stands at either side of the room, artistically topped with a designer table lamp.

An end of bed bench sculpts deep curves into the room.

Panel molding frames the wall art and the bed.

A home workspace is set up by the window, where it can benefit from the most natural light.

The curved desk is complemented by an equally curvaceous desk chair design.

A rounded white marble table lamp completes the sophisticated workspace setup.

A panel-molded door slides aside to reveal a stylish wardrobe interior, complete with LED strip lights and a cohesive storage system.

There is a full-length mirror tucked inside the small reach-in closet, which brightly reflects the narrow rails on the opposite side.

The second double bedroom has an equally luxurious neoclassical appeal. Here, black marble nightstands flank the upholstered bed, adorned by elegant white bedside table lamps.

At the end of the platform bed, a striking black end-of-bed bench adds contrast.

Contemporary bedroom wall decor hangs above the sweeping headboard design, echoing its smoothly curved aesthetic.

A small black vanity table is situated beside the window, where it becomes framed by plush greige drapes. A stylish vanity chair adds a hint of modern glamor.

A rounded vanity mirror threads into the vanity table, structuring one sturdy piece. Dainty ceramic trinkets decorate the table surface.

In the corner of the bedroom, there is a curved channel-tufted sofa. Boucle upholstery adds a trendy texture to the scheme.

An intriguing side table design complements the textural couch material and pairs perfectly with its pale tone. A tiny bud vase makes a brief but effective adornment.

Two distinctive wall sconces are installed above the small sofa and side table to construct a practical reading area.

Classic panel molding frames the inviting vignette.

The walk in wardrobe is a wide and airy space with a large window and a pretty treetop view. Mirrored wardrobes reflect the daylight and the tranquil leafy vista. A round boucé ottoman sits between the reflections.

A chunky marble double sink bathroom vanity creates an arresting feature. Round bathroom mirrors add black accents above.

Black bathroom faucets erupt from a travertine backsplash.

Fluted glass doors close off the shower enclosure and WC.

The fitted bathtub is encased in travertine, which continues onto a backsplash and up to the ceiling line.

A spellbinding black chandelier crowns the light-neutral scheme with botanical silhouettes.

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